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Now in the cabinet industry, when ordering cabinets, the variety and style of door panels are diverse, which dazzles everyone. Today, I'd like to introduce to you the plate commonly used in the door panel of the current cabinet - crystal steel door

now in the cabinet industry, when ordering cabinets, the door panel has a variety of styles, which makes you dazzled. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you the plate commonly used in the door panel of the current cabinet - crystal steel door, so that you can have a clear idea when choosing. Let's have a look. What should we pay attention to when using it as a cabinet

advantages and disadvantages of crystal steel door cabinet

advantages: environmental protection, high brightness, flatness, wear resistance, water resistance, fire prevention, mold resistance, beautiful and decent, high strength, hard surface, smooth, light transmission, no odor, high temperature resistance, not easy to deformation and other characteristics

disadvantages: there are certain requirements for splicing technology. The door panel splicing gap standard is high, and the panel is stained with dust and is not resistant to dirt

As a new type of cabinet door panel newly developed in recent years, crystal steel door, whether its bright color, environmental protection and practicality, once became a highlight of fashionable kitchens. When used in cabinets, it has undoubtedly become a favorite object of fashionable people to decorate kitchens. If you are in Shenzhen, I suggest you choose trump card door panels. The door panels produced by this company are relatively environmentally friendly, novel and practical

precautions for selecting crystal steel doors to customize cabinets

I. hardware accessories

crystal steel door panels are made of glass materials, and the product thickness is standard 4mm. Due to the high price of imported production equipment, the technical requirements are very high. Many fake products are muddy in color, easy to bubble, and degummed. The weight of the door used as a cabinet is large, and the hardware accessories for installing the door panel must choose one with better bearing capacity, otherwise the door panel will sag and deform. In the kitchen, we must choose stainless steel door hinges and see whether they have damping. For example, some products of Blum and Heidi poetry are relatively reassuring

II. Aluminum frame

precautions for the purchase of crystal steel door cabinet: the crystal steel door panel is made of aluminum alloy frame through high-temperature electrophoresis. It has a unique appearance, is oxidation resistant, and is assembled with special accessories. The appearance does not need screws, so it is free from the worry of rust. Some aluminum frame corner designs are ABS anti-collision corners, which are very humanized and professional design, but also have certain requirements for edge banding. Some aluminum products with relatively low prices will be easy to scratch and leave traces. Therefore, when choosing the crystal steel door to customize the cabinet, we should use thicker aluminum as the frame, don't covet low prices, and be sure to consolidate when sealing the edges

III. PVC film

precautions for the purchase of crystal steel door cabinets: the crystal steel door panel is made of PVC film by special process. It has waterproof function, very bright and diverse in chromaticity, and long service life. The color difference of fake products using paint or inferior film is large, which will produce the phenomenon of light transmission and fade after a long time, which is very detrimental to the effect of cabinets. We need to see whether the perspective of PVC film is large or not. We also need to take water and rub it with water to see whether its products are made of polyester fiber fabric and PVC coating (PVC), etc

the above is the introduction of Xiaobian on the advantages and customization precautions of crystal steel door cabinets. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you want to see more cabinet home information, then pay attention to the ace door panel, or click to view the latest developments




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