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The wardrobe is an indispensable and important functional part of the master bedroom, which will affect the overall appearance and visual comfort of the bedroom. Today, Xiaobian will introduce a new product of vipassy custom wardrobe - vipassy wardrobe - Royal Jane European series

the wardrobe is an indispensable and important functional part of the master bedroom, which will not only affect the beauty and visual comfort of the bedroom, but also reflect the extraordinary elegant taste of the home owner. Today, Xiaobian will introduce a new product of vipsy custom wardrobe - vipsy custom wardrobe - Royal Jane European series. The feeling of this wardrobe is like ripples on the calm lake. The beauty of simplicity and atmosphere is presented as a whole, which is exquisite but not ineffective, which is eye-catching. The cabinet door is pure in color, thick and steady

the advantage of vipsy lies in its excellent design team. The most important thing for personalized customization is to plan the space reasonably according to the use needs. From this wardrobe, we can see that the designer takes into account the size of each item, and there is enough space to hang the long and short clothes. In addition, there are stacked grids and drawers to make the clothes neatly displayed and more convenient to access

panel furniture, I believe you are most concerned about its environmental protection performance. If you open the cabinet door or drawer, it will immediately have a pungent smell, and even make people cry and dizzy, indicating that the formaldehyde content exceeds the standard. Here, the experts of vebers customized wardrobe remind you to check whether they have the inspection report of the national wood-based panel quality supervision and inspection center before buying. The customized wardrobes of vipassy are made of unified materials nationwide, with formaldehyde emission ≤ 0.5mg/l, which is a nationally recognized green environmental protection product

weibaishi customized wardrobe, customized products according to the needs of different customers. The style is simple, the colors are versatile, and the detail design is very in place. For large family, it has a fresh, elegant, unique cloakroom, which can add to the owner's internal taste




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