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At present, the home furnishing industry continues to develop, showing different characteristics, but different paths lead to the same goal, which can be summarized. Through market research and analysis, the whole wood furniture of Shengshi manor summarizes the next four trends and shares them with you

at present, the home furnishing industry is developing continuously, showing different characteristics, but different paths lead to the same goal, which can be summarized. Through market research and analysis, the whole wood furniture of Shengshi manor summarizes the following four trends to share with you

one of the trends: intelligent home

whether it is an international exhibition, such as the international door and window exhibition in Paris, France, or a domestic exhibition, such as the cide Beijing International Door exhibition, intelligence is a hot topic. The thinking caused by intellectualization cannot be calmed down in the home furnishing industry for a long time. Coupled with the cross-border participation of Internet giants apple, Google and other enterprises in smart home, the debate over smart home industry can be described as smoke of gunpowder. Intelligence has become the common development trend of the Internet and traditional home furnishing industry

of course, today's smart home is still "the rain is coming, and the wind is blowing all over the building". Enterprises with strategic vision have reaped benefits, but more are still in the exploratory stage. It is worth waiting to see how explosive intelligent products are

trend 2: simplified home

the new generation of consumer groups represented by the post-80s and post-90s gradually dominate the market, forming aesthetic values and consumption habits different from those in the 1960s and 1970s. Young consumers have a strong sense of freedom and independence, and pursue personality and fashion. According to the dealer of Shengshi manor's whole wood furniture, "now simplified products are more popular. The whole wood furniture with simplified lines and shapes has become a fashion, and there is no unsalable phenomenon."

in terms of the overall development of the market, enterprises can occupy the commanding heights as long as they have a thorough analysis of the consumption psychology of the younger generation, targeted design and production, and accurate market positioning. Simplification, like the wings of a butterfly, will cause a huge storm

trend 3: environmentally friendly home

the strictest environmental protection law in the history was introduced in 2015. It is evident that the government attaches importance to the field of energy conservation and environmental protection. Environmental protection in the household industry is closely related to our life. Echoing the actions of the government, many enterprises have begun to build environmental protection products. From production and processing to installation and maintenance, environmental protection has become an important measurement standard

Shengshi manor, which is characterized by environmental protection, ensures the environmental protection properties of products at the source of materials by selecting 100% raw solid wood. The use of environmentally friendly paint is also essential for the whole wood home. One of the culprits of indoor harmful gas emission is the excessive use of chemical additives. Holding high the banner of environmental protection, Shengshi manor strictly controls the use of additives and adhesives, and realizes that the content of benzene and formaldehyde is 20 times lower than the national standard

trend 4: customized home

the upsurge of personalized consumption demand has promoted the development of customized home products. In the past, the products that could be seen everywhere in the stores gradually covered with dust and faded out of our vision. More and more customized products have emerged. This is not a small impact on the traditional home furnishing industry. Enterprises unable to undertake customized production suffered from the cold winter in 2014

the whole wood furniture of Shengshi manor follows the principle of high-end customization. From the early communication with consumers, the first draft of design, to the determination of materials and home style, to Seiko production and later professional installation and care, personalized elements are reflected in the whole process. High end customization can also meet the detailed requirements of customers and provide more exclusive services





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