Iberi May Day promotion activities were officially

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Iberi brings you good news! From April 11 to May 4, the May Day promotion activity of Iberia was launched nationwide, which may be the most grand promotion activity of the year! Don't miss a rare opportunity. Get involved quickly

in order to welcome the arrival of the annual international labor day, from April 11 to May 4, iberi whole house customization comprehensively launched the May Day promotional activities in nearly 300 franchised stores across the country

as one of the international fashion brands, Embry ・ whole house customization has gathered momentum for ten years, has a complete set of perfect and advanced operation systems, has established a good reputation and reputation, and has become a strong first-line brand. In 2015, the trend of the brand was even more blowout. It made every effort to launch a variety of customized products for the whole house, which attracted high-quality customers from all over the world to join. At present, there are nearly 300 franchised stores, and they are growing rapidly at an alarming rate. At the same time, in response to the demand of large volume in the middle of the year, most dealers have responded to the promotional theme of the headquarters of "shopping around, cost-effective on the 'Iraqi' home", and completed the large stock stage as soon as possible. With the momentum of sweeping the country, they have returned the best quality customized products and the best services to end consumers with unprecedented preferential strength

it is reported that this promotion is the most powerful discount after the full-scale customization of iberi's whole house, and may also be the most grand promotion activity of this year! For details, please consult the local iberi store





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