Decoration price of 89 square meters of Xingyue Ci

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How much does it cost to install the whole house? How to do the decoration budget? Presumably, these issues are the most concerned topics of all owners, and in the early stage, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network believed that it was really necessary to formulate a detailed quotation, because it was a powerful voucher for the cost of decoration, and also became a very important reference data. Today, Xiaobian will share with you the decoration price of 89 square meters of Yuecai 3B house type in xingyuecheng phase III, a hot housing delivery community recently. Don't miss it if you buy this house type

structure: three rooms, two halls, one kitchen and one bathroom

mode: half package

style: Modern and simple; (you can enjoy a cash return of 3000 yuan by signing up for the Group decoration activity of xingyuecheng phase III Yuecai community for free)

[the latest quotation of xingyuecheng phase III Yuecai 3B house type of 89 square meters]

analysis: xingyuecheng phase III Yuecai, located in Jiang'an District, is well located, so it is also popular with many owners. As a common house with an area of 89 square meters in small and medium-sized households, according to the current decoration market in Wuhan, the price of half package is usually more than 40000. However, due to the different projects, the price will also vary. It can be seen that in this quotation, it is not surprising that the guest restaurant and water and electricity infrastructure projects still account for the main part. Except for the kitchen and balcony decoration, the cost of other projects is relatively average. The owner stressed that the waterproof work must be treated emphatically. In addition, it is to create on the original area to make the whole look more spacious and bright

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