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Down quilts, silk quilts, cashmere quilts, camel hair quilts... Various quilts have long replaced the cotton quilts that were unchanged in the early years. With the arrival of winter, all kinds of quilts with different contents have become the "protagonists" of shopping malls. The reporter learned from the Beijing department store yesterday that the "on-site Plush filling" production, which is stationed in the store every winter, has gained a lot in the past week, Although the salesperson repeated: "now the benefits are not as good as those in previous years...

down quilts, silk quilts, cashmere quilts, camel hair quilts... Various quilts have long replaced the cotton quilts that were unchanged in the early years. With the arrival of winter, all kinds of quilts with different contents have become the" protagonists "of shopping malls' promotion. The reporter learned from the Beijing department store yesterday that the "on-site Plush filling" production, which is stationed in the store every winter, has made a lot of "gains" in the past week. Although the salesperson repeated, "now it is not as profitable as in previous years", the reporter found that the space that originally could only accommodate the on-site operation of one manufacturer is now "equally shared" by the two enterprises. With the arrival of winter, the reporter noticed in the bedding stores of major shopping malls that various types of quilts are really overwhelming. There are many kinds to choose from. What kind of quilt should you choose to make yourself and your family spend a warm and comfortable winter? The reporter specially consulted some professional salespersons in the mall and also consulted some materials. It was found that in fact, all kinds of quilts have their own characteristics. Choosing the best one that suits you does not necessarily blindly pursue popularity and high price

The reporter learned from Xidan shopping mall, Wangfujing Department store and other places that there are more and more quilt patterns recently. The salesperson there said that silk quilts, camel hair quilts, cashmere quilts and other types of quilts actually began to be sold long ago, but they were considered high-end luxury goods at that time, only a few people could afford them, and northerners were used to quilts, down quilts and so on, and were not used to these things, So in the past, only southerners asked and bought more, and they didn't attract everyone's attention

now the living standard is high, and the former luxury goods have become the general daily necessities of most people. The staff also said that these kinds of quilts sold very well this year, and the sales performance was basically "equal". However, the reporter found that the price of quilts with the same name is quite different. For example, the silk quilt on the market ranges from 300 yuan to 3000 yuan, and even nearly 10000 yuan. The core of silk quilt below 1000 yuan is also mixed with cotton and other things, while those above 1000 yuan are basically 100% pure silk. The same silk quilt is also divided into mulberry silk and tussah silk. Mulberry silk refers to the silk spitted by silkworms who only eat mulberry leaves. Its quality is better than tussah silk, but it is easier to break. Now a standard 5-jin double quilt in the mall is about 3000 yuan. Camel hair quilt has the best warmth and comfort. It is popular in the market this year. Of course, its price will be more expensive compared with other types of quilts of the same standard. The price of cashmere quilt and down quilt is much more affordable, which is more suitable for general household use. However, in recent years, with the progress of production technology and the change of material selection, some down and down quilt prices have been sold to the price of silk and camel down quilt

silk quilt: composed of 100% pure silk, it has the characteristics of porous, white fiber, automatic temperature adjustment, warm in winter and cool in summer, strong permeability and hygroscopicity, and contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which can promote human metabolism and stabilize spirit. The disadvantage of silk quilt is that it will become thinner over time, and its warmth retention and comfort will be relatively reduced, and it can't be washed wet or dry

camel hair quilt: camel hair is the hair from the abdomen of camels. Due to the limited output, its precious degree is only second to cashmere. Due to the hollow bamboo structure of camel hair fiber, which is conducive to the storage of air, camel hair quilt has excellent warmth retention and air permeability. In addition, the length of camel hair is better than that of cashmere, which also makes the overall stability of camel hair higher. The disadvantage is that it can't be washed

wool (cashmere) quilt: wool fiber has good curling characteristics, so the heat preservation of wool is beyond doubt, and wool has good drapability, so it has good fitness. Compared with the above two kinds of quilts, the price of cashmere quilt is lower, so it is more suitable for ordinary families

duvet: the main fillers of duvet are goose down and duck down. Goose down quilt is better than duck down quilt. But no matter what kind of duvet, its main quality index is the down content. The advantage is that it has good moisture absorption, perspiration permeability and is relatively dry. Light, soft and soft is its biggest feature. When used, it will not cause a sense of oppression to the human body. Therefore, it is suitable for people suffering from hypertension, heart disease, poor blood circulation, the elderly, pregnant women, children, etc

compared with the previous quilts, the above quilts have the characteristics of warmth and softness. According to some salespersons, in fact, the sales of several quilts are the same, because customers' habits are different. Of course, when shopping specifically, you should pay attention not to be allergic to the materials inside; We should choose quilts with different Jin according to the indoor temperature in winter. In fact, choosing the best according to your own needs is not the heavier the better, the more expensive the better

there are many ways to fill down on site

in addition to buying quilts, some customers like to fill down on site in shopping malls by themselves. At present, there are three down products factories setting up "on-site processing" in shopping malls in Beijing, namely, Nanjing Yushun Industrial Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Liyu company, and Xianghe Zhengda Company. According to Miss Chen, a staff member of Xianghe Zhengda Company on the fourth floor of Xidan shopping mall, the general standard double quilt needs about a kilo of wool, and the quilt surface is mostly priced at 200-300 yuan. A set of best double standard quilt costs about 2510 yuan, and the general family will choose about 2000 yuan

Miss Yu, a staff member of the on-site cashmere filling Department of Zhejiang Liyu company in Wangfujing Department store, told the reporter that the blossoming cashmere is the better cashmere manually selected from the live goose down, so it is the best. Customers here usually choose quilts priced from 1200 to 1400 yuan. Of course, according to the different activities in the mall, you can also get some discounts. The reporter learned that October and November are the peak of cashmere filling every year, with daily sales of more than 20000 yuan. Now there will be more than 10000 yuan of business every day. In the past five to six years, the grade of velvet filling has been divided more and more, mainly to meet the different needs of customers, and the staff here generally choose 95% white goose down, feeling that its applicability and price are the most reasonable. Since the previous year, the price of stuffed velvet has doubled. Take 95% of white goose down as an example. Three years ago, it was 760 yuan a kilogram, but now it is 1380 yuan a kilogram. This is mainly because a large number of geese and ducks were slaughtered under avian influenza, and the supply of goods decreased. In fact, the supply of goods affected by avian influenza has decreased, but the customers who come here to stuffed velvet are basically unaffected. Ms. Yu also said that many customers like to choose this method, mainly because the down is not only soft, but also the down filled on site will be more reassuring. Such a quilt can be used for more than ten years, and it is still very practical. So if you want to save the trouble of choosing quilts everywhere, it is a good way to fill the pile on site





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