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Nowadays, the competitive pressure in the door and window market is increasing day by day, and marketing needs to change its thinking. Guanhao door and window franchisees believe that marketing can be done very interesting. Marketing and advertising were originally one. Today we will take a look at how door and window franchisees do marketing

in the past, advertising was something no one looked at, but the popularity of social media has made advertising content full of entertainment and interest. In essence, advertising is the dissemination of information with commercial purpose as its task. Commercial information is the result, communication is the process, and creative way is the means to achieve the result from the process

funny jokes are like this. They can move people and spread brands. The trick here is to come from real life scenes, but they are more dramatic. For example, after Alibaba went public, it had the most interesting joke. "Do you have a car?" "No" "do you have a room?" "No" "what else to talk about!" "I'm an old employee of Alibaba." "annoying, why didn't you say it earlier!

the momentum marketing of windows and doors is to see that it has communication value and can be used. But with the development of social media, everyone can play and participate collectively. There are two tricks: first, be fast, the speed is critical, and if you can't catch up, the heat will disappear; second, be clever, just like the" don't make trouble "series posters in 2013, they are linked together




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