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The large number of houses delivered in Changsha has stirred up the market for New Year decoration, with the majority of sunny days, keeping the highest temperature in Changsha at about 10 ℃ recently. The warm winter also brought unexpected benefits to the home decoration market. "This year, more consumers want to decorate at the end of the year and across the year than in previous years." A senior home decoration consultant said so. The reporter visited the market and learned that the arrival of the decoration tide at the end of the year is not only related to the weather

there is a large number of houses to be delivered, and the new year's Eve brings good profits.

"the houses will be delivered next week, so I want to go to the decoration company in advance." Ms. Li, a citizen, is about to deliver her new house in Hexi. Ms. Li said that many home decoration companies now have free house inspection services. If you can select the company you want before delivering the house, you can just save a house inspection fee. According to incomplete statistics, nearly 20 properties were delivered in December this year. This housing boom has brought a lot of rigid decoration demand to the market

New Year decoration has become the choice of many citizens, and green, healthy and environmental protection products and preferential prices have become the focus of attention

at the same time, the Spring Festival of the lunar calendar next year is February 19, and the Spring Festival comes later than in previous years. This provides sufficient time for home decoration companies to impact the market at the end of the year. In late December, home decoration companies such as Dianshi decoration, famous craftsman decoration, casual home decoration and apple decoration launched year-end appreciation activities to give back to consumers. In January, Meidi decoration will also hold two activities to promote the year-end home decoration discount

it is worth mentioning that at the end of this year, major home decoration companies not only offered the largest home decoration discounts, but also showed their magic powers in intelligence, technology, design and other aspects. According to Jiang Tao, President of Meidi decoration, Meidi decoration and Judi cabinet jointly launched the "clearance price" on January 1. Not only are cabinets worth more than 1000 yuan snapped up within a limited time, but owners can also enjoy a 50% discount on ordering. On January 17, Meidi decoration will also play the "smart card" and show the "smart robot for home decoration"

and Dianshi home decoration has now launched the reservation of Dianshi European standard CNC model room in 2015, and consumers can enjoy 25 European standard process services. Apple decoration also held the "2015 home decoration livelihood Trend Conference" last week to serve consumers with livelihood design

there are many discounts and benefits for cross year decoration.

according to the Convention, workers engaged in home decoration generally begin their holidays in the lunar new year. The construction sites of various home decoration companies will be shut down at this time. At present, there are more than 40 days before the shutdown. Is it decided and designed before the Spring Festival and decorated after the Spring Festival? Or do you start construction before the Spring Festival and decorate the new year? Consumers have their own plans

"in more than a month, I have done a good job in the design, and then start the decoration after a year, which makes me feel more fully prepared." Said Miss Li, a citizen. But Mr. Zheng, Miss Li's neighbor, doesn't think so. Mr. Zheng's home is only more than 80 square meters, with small quantities and uncomplicated design. Mr. Zheng plans to start construction before the new year: "the weather is good this year, and now the Spring Festival is about the same as the National Day holiday, and the decoration of the new year is nothing."

Jiang Tao, President of Meidi decoration, also found that in recent years, consumers have been used to choosing new year decoration, and the concept of the Spring Festival holiday has been diluted. "Some owners will propose to resume work and start construction on the eighth and twelfth day of the first month, and we will also arrange for the owners." Jiang Tao believes that the New Year decoration is not only preferential, but also conducive to maintaining the stability of home decoration quality by doing water and electricity before the new year and woodworking and painting after the new year. It can be said that the New Year decoration has more advantages




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