How to choose toilet and installation precautions

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Pay attention to the purchase and installation of toilets

1. The heavier the toilet, the better. The weight of an ordinary toilet is about 50 Jin, and that of a good toilet is about 100 Jin. The heavy toilet has high density and good quality. Complex method to test the weight of the toilet: pick up the water tank cover with both hands, and you can weigh it

2. It is best to have one blowdown hole at the bottom of the toilet at the water outlet. Nowadays, many brands have 2-3 blowdown holes (according to different diameters), but the more blowdown holes, the more impact the impulse. The water outlet of the toilet can be divided into drainage and horizontal drainage. Measure the distance from the center of the water outlet to the wall behind the water tank, and buy a toilet of the opposite model " Seat at the right distance, otherwise the toilet cannot be installed. The outlet of the horizontal drainage toilet should be equal to the height of the horizontal drainage outlet, and it is better to be slightly higher to ensure the smooth sewage. The 30cm toilet is the middle sewer toilet: the 20-25cm toilet is the rear sewer toilet; The toilet with a distance of more than 40 cm is the front toilet. If the model is slightly wrong, the water will not flow smoothly

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3. Glaze

pay attention to the glaze of the toilet. The glaze of the toilet with good quality should be bright, smooth, without bubbles, and saturated in color. After inspecting the glaze of the outer surface, you should also touch the sewer of the toilet. If it is rough, it is easy to form a hangover in the future

4. Diameter

large diameter sewage pipes with glaze on the inner surface are not easy to get dirty, and the sewage discharge is rapid and powerful, which can effectively prevent blockage. Test method: put the whole hand into the toilet mouth, and generally it is best to have a palm capacity





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