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With the rapid establishment of China's market economic structure and the rapid expansion of the consumer market, lubricant is no longer a simple industrial product in the planned economy era, but has become an essential consumer product. Therefore, the packaging of lubricating oil has become a part of the product itself. It not only carries the information of the product itself, but also endows the product with more promotion and use functions. In addition, it also improves the grade and grade of the product to maximize the profit of the product

since the founding of the people's Republic of China, the national standards of the former Soviet Union have been used. The shape and structural form of the national standard steel barrel can no longer meet the needs of international market exchange. Even in China, the standard steel drums made of environmentally friendly cotton, non-woven fabric, recyclable paper and other materials with strong degradability often have barrel body deformation and large rib damage during long-distance transportation. This defect has seriously affected the brand image and market sales of lubricating oil, so the upgrading of lubricating oil packaging steel drums is urgent

according to the market research, at present, the most advanced domestic and foreign lubricating oil packaging steel drums are 208 L w-ribbed packaging steel drums with an inner diameter of 571.5mm. The progressiveness of this barrel type is as follows:

I. progressiveness of structure

this barrel type adopts W-ring reinforcement structure. W-ring reinforcement structure was introduced from Europe and first popularized in China by Italian GMI company

w ring reinforcement structure means that the wave crest height of the ring reinforcement of the barrel body is slightly reduced, and two ring grooves recessed inward are made on both sides of each ring reinforcement, so that the original two ring reinforcements are actually changed into six ring reinforcements, thus greatly enhancing the strength of the steel barrel under the condition of constant material thickness, making the steel barrel more resistant to impact and not easy to deform during transportation; In addition, the outer diameter of the ring reinforcement of the w ring reinforcement structure is smaller than the outer diameter of the top and bottom of the barrel after crimping, so that the contact between the barrel and the barrel is only at the crimping point during the transportation of the steel barrel, eliminating the friction between the ring reinforcement, thus improving the defects that the large reinforcement of the national standard steel barrel is worn out and the barrel body is easy to deform during the transportation

the six corrugations of the national standard barrel are still maintained in this barrel

the national standard for the top and bottom of this barrel has three forms: concave, convex and flat. Because the internal pressure is not large when the lubricating oil is filled, we recommend using a flat barrel top and bottom with stiffeners. This kind of top and bottom of the barrel not only increases the strength, but also is still conducive to labeling. At the same time, scientific research institutions and enterprises also contact Guoliang copper on cooperation issues

as the barrel body adopts w-bar and the top and bottom of the barrel are added with stiffeners, the overall strength of the steel barrel is greatly increased. The material can be thinned within a certain range, and the saved material investment is very considerable

II. Progressiveness of the standard

571.5mm inner diameter comes from Europe and the United States. It is mainly used to hold products with a specific gravity less than 1, such as lubricating oil, which can improve its input-output ratio. It was later adopted by the international standard - steel drums iso/di1570. In order to connect with the world, China has incorporated this inner diameter into gb/t packaging containers - steel drums. This inner diameter is most in line with series 1 containers - Classification, dimensions and rated mass iso668:1995. This inner diameter enables it to be the preferred substrate for 3D tissue printing and artificial organ preparation in iso668:0995 containers. It can be stacked in a group of four in parallel to maximize the use of transportation space and achieve economic transportation cost

this inner diameter is widely used in the packaging of international well-known lubricant brands at home and abroad, such as great wall, Mobil, shell, Esso, Fuchs, total, etc. Domestic lubricants should adopt the world's advanced packaging standards, so as to reduce barriers and friction in international competition and cooperation, and achieve the unity and harmony between transportation, settlement and the world

III. economy

due to the increase of the inner diameter of this barrel, the volume of the steel barrel is increased. This barrel is most suitable for holding products with a specific gravity less than 1. The specific gravity of lubricating oil is 0 95, so this barrel can hold 180kg of lubricating oil without affecting its strength. It can hold 10kg more lubricating oil than the original national standard steel barrel. If the annual sales of lubricating oil is 60000 tons, 19608 barrels can be used less each year. If each barrel is calculated at 180 yuan, 3.52 million yuan can be saved each year. However, due to the increase of diameter, the increase of material cost per barrel is no more than 2 yuan. If the annual sales is 60000 tons, the increase of cost is no more than 700000 yuan. After deducting this increase, 2.82 million yuan can be saved each year. It is very economical to adopt this bucket type. In addition, due to the increase of the diameter of the steel barrel, the material utilization rate of the processing enterprises is improved

this barrel type is only increased by 11.5mm in the inner diameter direction, and the height dimension remains unchanged. After investigation and research, we believe that the lubricant factory should not only make minor adjustments to the filling line, transportation tools, wooden pallets, etc., but also realize the smooth replacement without any adjustment and investment

IV. aesthetics

because the barrel shape is enlarged in the diameter direction and the height is unchanged, the proportion between the diameter and the height is more coordinated. The printed trademark on the barrel body has a more three-dimensional sense. In addition, the W-ring reinforcement enhances the visual impact and makes it more beautiful as a whole, thus endowing the product with more promotions and merchantability, and improving (3) the brand image of plastic lubricant for passenger car body and structural parts, It can better reflect the design concept of the brand

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