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Sumitomo chemical has determined the capacity expansion plan for the global MMA industry chain

it is reported that Sumitomo chemical has recently completed its capacity expansion plan for the MMA industry chain, with the main goal of seizing the European and Chinese markets, focusing on expanding its supply capacity of MMA resin and compounds. At present, Sumitomo chemical has an MMA monomer production capacity of 490000 tons/year, distributed in three bases, located in Japan, Singapore and South Korea, of which South Korea is a joint venture. Although the current market demand in Europe is still seriously lagging behind, Sumitomo chemical will cooperate with a major local auto parts manufacturer to produce MMA resin compound, and plans to transport the colored granular materials produced in Singapore to the resin compound processing plant in Germany for processing. It is expected that Sumitomo chemical Europe will start listing in the second or third quarter of 2010

boosted by the economic stimulus policies of the Chinese government, China's auto market has become the fastest growing market in the world. Researchers found that this has led to the rapid development of local auto parts manufacturers. Sumitomo chemical has established cooperative alliances with manufacturers in Dalian and Guangzhou, China, to produce MMA resin compounds. Through cooperation with major automobile lamp manufacturers in China, Sumitomo, namely hr15n, hr30n, hr45n, hr15n, hr30t, hr45t chemical, believes that it can gain a good market position in the Chinese market. On the other hand, Sumitomo chemical started to operate the PMMA plate business acquired from Taiwan Jumei enterprise company at the end of 2008 in January this year, where biomedical materials are the most interdisciplinary interdisciplinary field in contemporary science and technology. Its production capacity is 10000 tons/year, and the current output is 4000 tons/year, which is used for export to other Asian countries, the Middle East and Europe. The company said that it would start full production and sales in 2010, and promote this kind of plate in general use, such as the application of advertising display screen in Japan

new progress has also been made in the Middle East project. It is expected that Sumitomo chemical will make a formal decision to replace GH in Rabi, Saudi Arabia, in the autumn of 2010. The company plans to consider the construction of 90000 T/a MMA monomer and 50000 T/a PMMA projects in the phase II project, which are mainly used to produce high-grade functional materials, and the functions of production facilities will reach the level of Japan and Singapore

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