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Cigarette bag industry "dark horse" again! Suining Kuanzhai Printing Co., Ltd. has been put into full production.

release date: Source: Suining

at present, Suining Kuanzhai Printing Co., Ltd. has been fully put into trial production, and has produced 563.83 tons of composite paper, 12000 boxes of packaging, with an output value of 13.68 million

it is reported that the equipment put into production at this stage mainly includes gravure printing, flexo printing, bronzing, die cutting, inspection products and other production lines, and mainly produces outer packaging for brands such as jiaozi and Liqun. The production of this batch of equipment can greatly relieve the production pressure of Zhongjiang plant of wide and narrow printing

Sichuan China Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China National Tobacco Corporation, and Sichuan Kuanzhai Printing Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary directly under Sichuan China Tobacco Investment Corporation

the company is mainly engaged in the design, manufacture and sales of Chinese cigarette trademarks and the stable and reliable production of frame paper and composite paper. It has world-class production lines in Heidelberg, Germany, ceroody, Italy and boster, Switzerland. It mainly prints cigarette trademarks such as "Kuan Zhai", "Jiaozi", "Yellow Crane Tower", "Liqun" and "Shuangxi", which are Sichuan China tobacco, Hubei China tobacco, Zhejiang China tobacco Guangdong China tobacco and other enterprises provide printing supporting services for tobacco materials

Suining Kuanzhai printing is an important part of the strategic cooperation between Sichuan tobacco and Suining Municipal government, which is jointly constructed by Kuanzhai printing and Suining high tech Zone. The company is located on the right side of the exit of Suining West expressway, covering an area of 200 mu, with a total building area of 64000 square meters

the total investment in phase I is 495million. The planned annual production capacity can reach about 1.5 million boxes for various types of casting and processing of metal tool blanks, such as punching, forming, etc., ranking first in the country. The annual output value can reach more than 1billion, the annual warehousing tax can reach more than 50million, and the number of jobs provided will reach 50. This also determines the structure of more than 0 tension machine

it is reported that the China Tobacco printing and packaging capacity project mainly provides material printing supporting services for enterprises such as Sichuan China tobacco, Hubei China tobacco and Guangdong China tobacco

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