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The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China established a grand blueprint for building a well-off society in an all-round way. The 11th five year plan will be an important stage for China's economy to carry forward the past and usher in the future, and a key period for the full implementation of the scientific development concept of "people-oriented". At the same time, the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" is also an important stage in China's industrialization process. To accelerate the realization of industrialization, we need to speed up the promotion of informatization. With the scientific concept of development as the guiding ideology, we should take a new road to industrialization to make the manufacturing industry more closely integrated with informatization. Therefore, we should conscientiously summarize the experience of manufacturing informatization in the tenth five year plan, carefully analyze the new situation faced by the eleventh five year plan, and earnestly do a good job in manufacturing informatization in the eleventh five year plan

I. unified understanding and correct handling of several major relationships in the development of manufacturing informatization

manufacturing informatization is a long-term systematic project. To do this well, we must correctly handle several major relationships in the development of manufacturing informatization. From the strategic and overall perspective, we should have a unified understanding of these major issues, deepen our understanding and correctly grasp them

1. The relationship between manufacturing and informatization. China is leaping from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power, and China's comparative advantage in the future will still be in the manufacturing industry. Therefore, for a long time, China's economic development needs to be led by the manufacturing industry. The 16th National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the idea of "promoting industrialization with informatization, promoting informatization with industrialization, and accelerating the realization of modernization", that is to say, manufacturing industry is the foundation and foundation, and informatization is the necessary means and tools to accelerate the development of manufacturing industry. This is the best explanation of the relationship between manufacturing and informatization, and the scientific concept of advancing with the times to revitalize the manufacturing industry and accelerate informatization

2. The relationship between technological innovation and technical service. The implementation of manufacturing informatization project is finally implemented at the technical level. Therefore, software manufacturers should constantly summarize and analyze the actual needs of enterprises in different industries, different scales and different application depths, constantly study the latest technologies, and actively seize the technological commanding heights. We should break through a number of major key technologies and form a number of new products with independent intellectual property rights and market competitiveness. Technical service provides professional guarantee for the final implementation of technical innovation. Technical service is the extension of technical innovation. Technical innovation is the source of technical service. Technical service itself also needs continuous innovation. During the Eleventh Five Year Plan period, we must pay attention to promoting the benign interaction between the two

3. The relationship between application and demonstration. The key to promoting informatization lies in application. Application is the purpose and demonstration is the means. To establish a manufacturing informatization demonstration enterprise is to better promote the wider application of informatization [3]. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the manufacturing informatization demonstration must have more typical representative significance, especially to give full play to the leading role of large and medium-sized enterprises in the same industrial chain. We should establish more application demonstration enterprises, demonstration areas, demonstration industries and demonstration cities, and enhance the core competitiveness of the entire manufacturing industry through radiation and diffusion effects

4. Relationship between government and enterprises. Informatization is an enterprise's own business, and we must adhere to the separation of government and enterprises. The government cannot interfere with the autonomy of enterprises, and enterprises cannot completely rely on the financial support of the government. The government should create an environment rather than help enterprises to do specific implementation. The government should not adopt the method of planned economy to instruct enterprises to carry out informatization projects, but should adopt a market-oriented model to truly achieve government guidance and market leadership. Otherwise, the enterprise informatization project cannot produce real power and vitality. [4]

5. The relationship between independent innovation and introduction and digestion. Informatization is a process that has no end point and spirals upward. Only by truly forming a sustainable independent innovation capability can it provide strong support for the long-term development of informatization. Introduction and digestion is the basis and means of independent innovation, and independent innovation is the ultimate goal of introduction and digestion. Since the late 1990s, China's R & D (Research and development) expenditure has grown faster than GDP. At the same time, a large number of enterprises with outstanding independent innovation and independent R & D capabilities have risen rapidly [2]. This provides a rich source for the development of manufacturing information technology. With the upgrading of the industrial structure of China's manufacturing industry, independent innovation to meet the actual needs of enterprises has become an urgent requirement of the majority of enterprises

second, emancipate the mind and use the scientific concept of development to guide the development of manufacturing informatization

the development of any cause has its objective laws, and must be guided by scientific ideas. Manufacturing informatization has its inherent objective regularity. We must emancipate our minds, fully understand its regularity with the scientific concept of development, and follow its regularity. Therefore, we must use the following basic concepts to guide our work:

1. The concept of integration. Manufacturing is the engine of the national economy. It has solved the employment problem of a large part of China's population and is the main link to maintain social stability. From this point of view, manufacturing informatization is a matter of the whole society. Therefore, to do a good job in manufacturing informatization, we must integrate the resources of the government, experts, software and hardware manufacturers, intermediaries and other aspects. All parties concerned must deepen their understanding of the importance of this work and their own history, give full play to their respective responsibilities, integrate advantageous resources and form a strong joint force

2. Characteristic concept. Manufacturing informatization involves many industries and enterprises all over the country. Each region, industry and enterprise has different characteristics. Therefore, the idea of manufacturing informatization cannot be the same, and the service system cannot be copied from each other. It should combine the individual differences of regions, industries and enterprises, and let a hundred schools of thought contend and a hundred flowers bloom. As long as it conforms to the local industry and allows the tensile testing machine to continue the tensile development direction of standard tensile samples, conforms to the phased characteristics of the development of the local manufacturing industry and is conducive to enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, they should try to form their own characteristics

3. The concept of public science and technology. Manufacturing informatization is a work supported and participated by the government. Like other economic work, this work requires the government to create a good environment and provide necessary services for enterprises. Large enterprises should pay attention to informatization early, invest in it quickly, and be in the forefront. However, small and medium-sized enterprises have a weak understanding of informatization and limited strength, and are in a weak position in the informatization process. Generally speaking, the informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises is more urgent than that of large enterprises. Therefore, the government should pay more attention to small and medium-sized enterprises, and provide perfect policy support, system guarantee and necessary incentive measures for the informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises

III. carefully grasp the development trend of manufacturing industry and informatization, and always put good service to the manufacturing industry in the central position

China's manufacturing industry ranks first in the world in terms of total production, including five 250 km/h Alpine EMUs. However, there is still a big gap between China and the developed countries in terms of core technology and informatization key technology. China is the production center of the world manufacturing industry, but it is not the technology center or R & D center of the world manufacturing industry [5]. At present, in order to develop manufacturing informatization, we must clearly understand the overall situation of the current manufacturing and informatization development, and always put good service to the manufacturing in the central position

1. Grasp the phased characteristics of manufacturing and informatization. At present, the total production and export volume of China's manufacturing industry has ranked fourth in the world, and the output of hundreds of products in more than 10 industries such as home appliances and telecommunications has ranked first in the world. However, few have become international famous brands. Production technology is still in the middle and low end of the international division of labor system, and many high-tech products are heavily dependent on foreign countries from R & D to accessories. China is a big manufacturing country, but it is not a strong manufacturing country [2]. In terms of the informatization process, from the "drawing board project" of the last century to the "major special projects" of the tenth five year plan, the informatization application has been upgraded from the department level to the enterprise level. However, the overall gap of enterprise informatization is very obvious: there is a big gap between large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, and between coastal developed areas and inland areas. During the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" period, the informatization of manufacturing industry should grasp this phased feature, further break through the limits of time, space and thinking, and look for better measures, methods and strategies

2. We should give priority to promoting the development of manufacturing industry. Manufacturing informatization is not a political achievement project or an image project. It cannot be politicized ideologically, linked to non development issues or political issues. Manufacturing informatization is ultimately a technical problem, and the goal of technology is to meet the actual needs of enterprises. Therefore, the informatization of manufacturing industry should not be based on the top and the book, but on the reality and put the promotion of the development of manufacturing industry in the first place

3. Long term practice should be carried out in a down-to-earth manner. At present, information-based products and solutions can not fully meet the diverse needs of manufacturing enterprises. The capabilities and services of the software industry are not coordinated with the current situation and needs of enterprises, and need to be gradually improved and adjusted in the development. We can neither idealize the effect of manufacturing informatization, exaggerate the role of informatization, nor depolarize it. We can not see the long-term impact of informatization on the development of manufacturing industry. We can neither expect informatization to solve all the problems in the development of manufacturing industry, including system and management problems, nor deny the profound revolution brought by informatization to the production mode and management mode of enterprises [4]. Therefore, manufacturing informatization is not an emergency project in the process of modernization, but a long-term national strategy that needs long-term practice

IV. it is necessary to adhere to classified guidance and highlight the main role of manufacturing enterprises in manufacturing informatization. The enterprise is the main body and the basic judge. The strategic planning of manufacturing informatization in the "Eleventh Five Year Plan" should listen more to the voice of enterprises and deeply understand the hot issues that enterprises really pay attention to. In the information work of manufacturing industry, the main role of manufacturing enterprises is highlighted from macro to micro

1. The needs of enterprises are the starting point and focus of all work. Informatization is the integrated use of modern management technology, manufacturing technology, information technology, automation technology and system engineering technology to organically integrate the three elements of human, technology and management as well as information flow, logistics and capital flow in the production process of an enterprise, so as to realize the overall optimization of the enterprise. Large enterprises mainly consider the industry adaptability, openness and progressiveness of software architecture. Medium sized enterprises pay attention to the flexibility of software, the service of manufacturers and the cost performance of products. Small enterprises often choose models based on the principle of practicality and sufficiency, focusing on solving the informatization problem of business systems [error! No reference source found.]. Therefore, according to the characteristics of different enterprises, the informatization of manufacturing industry must adhere to the principle of adjusting measures to local conditions and guiding by classification, so that enterprises can benefit and make real progress

2. Enterprises should become the main body of investment, decision-making, implementation and benefit. As the software supplier is the essence of Party B, its market behavior must be "product driven", and the software implementation strategy is not effectively combined with the actual needs of the enterprise [6]. This situation can not really mobilize the initiative and enthusiasm of enterprises

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