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Suining has deepened the construction of the "five modernizations" moral education system since this year, the Suining urban education and sports system has deepened the construction of the "five modernizations" moral education system, solidly carried out education on mental health, "eight rites and four instruments" and network morality, and formed an ecological moral education pattern of "general education, full education and whole process education". Seven moral education brands have been built, and 15 people have won the honorary title of "virtue youth" in cities and districts, and the title of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

advocate the "people-oriented" education concept, and build "236" high current aluminum alloy cable technology. As the practice of building a resource-saving society with aluminum and copper, which is vigorously promoted by the state, in the field of medium and low voltage power distribution, it plays an increasingly important role in driving the supporting downstream industries. The ecological classroom model promotes the reform of LFT education method for all plastic hub, and the students' independent learning and innovative thinking ability are continuously improved. It has won more than 2000 national and provincial awards in scientific and technological innovation, discipline competitions and other activities. We will promote the overall reform pilot in the provincial school physical education region, open up full and complete physical education courses, and implement the 40 minute "Sunshine Physical Education Course", so as to continuously improve the physical quality of students. 6 national football characteristic schools and 24 provincial and municipal Sunshine Sports demonstration schools were established

at the same time, the district's education and sports system has also actively promoted the "121" project of sports and arts. Through community activities, interest groups and other forms, it has built characteristic projects such as "paper cutting, clay sculpture and calligraphy" to form a unique campus culture with comfortable living characteristics. One school with provincial artistic characteristics was established, and 10 works have won awards in the performance of the national and provincial primary and secondary school students' Art Festival. By means of introducing knowledge into the classroom, practice into the base and culture into the campus, students are educated and guided to establish the awareness of the most glorious and beautiful labor since childhood. 11 agricultural cultural campuses and 32 agricultural production practice sites have been built, and more than 80 voluntary services have been carried out to learn from Lei Feng

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