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Suggestions on the development of paper packaging containers

cartons and cartons are a large category of packaging containers. How do packaging experts identify so many products? Therefore, China's paper packaging products should develop in the following aspects:

1. Actively promote the computerization of carton, carton design and proofing to meet the diversified and small batch market demand

2. Electromechanical integration is realized in the production process to meet the requirements of high-speed and high-efficiency quality, so as to realize automation of printing plate exchange, cardboard self closing, box blank output, etc

3. Develop the strengthening technology of various paperboards to reduce the number of packaging containers, reduce waste and save resources

4. Develop the recycling technology of all kinds of waste paper. Take economy, efficiency, ecology and energy as the 4E principle technology to develop the coating industry and supplement the shortage of packaging paper

5. Develop the rapid reinforcement technology of water-soluble adhesive to reduce the overall length of the corrugated board production line

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