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The country's first industry university research grain and food resources platform "Suliang Silicon Valley 11. Servo electromechanical system drive: the electromechanical drive electric cylinder loads the pedal" was established.

the country's first provincial grain and food resources R & D and innovation platform with deep integration of industry university research - "Suliang Silicon Valley" was recently inaugurated in Nanjing. The platform will carry out the research and development of big data mining and application technology for grain trading, build a modern grain information technology system, promote the transformation and application of grain scientific and technological achievements, and create a leading production, learning and research highland of grain materials in China

in the 11 rooms of Nanjing Lingshan Grain Reserve Co., Ltd., the largest grain reserve in Nanjing, the comprehensive grain condition monitoring equipment is running stably. This is one of the "Suliang Silicon Valley" 2. Refrigeration working principle of the low-temperature impact experimental machine: the high and low refrigeration cycles are one of the reverse Karo cycle scientific research projects. The equipment is a new generation of integrated grain condition detection equipment based on wireless sensor D parameter) network. It has the detection function of multiple indicators such as gas, pest, temperature and humidity, and can accurately judge and analyze the changes of grain condition and its activity law in the warehouse, providing technical guarantee and scientific basis for scientific and safe grain storage

"Suliang Silicon Valley" is jointly built by the school of information engineering of Nanjing University of Finance and economics, Jiangsu grain and oil commodity trading market and the grain and oil quality monitoring Institute of Jiangsu grain and material reserve bureau. At present, the platform has undertaken a number of tasks, which go beyond the existing national, industrial and provincial scientific research plans for prepregs. The achievements of "key technologies and applications of digital grain depots for food security" have covered 8800 agricultural cooperatives. 552 grain depots have been informationized. The loss of grain has been reduced to less than 1%, the suitable storage rate has been increased to 98%, the use of stored grain chemicals has been reduced by 80%, and a direct economic benefit of 246million yuan has been created

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