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Zoomlion financial services agricultural machinery sector provides strong support

Zoomlion financial services domestic new energy vehicle production reached 794000, and the agricultural machinery sector provides strong support

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led by Hunan Agricultural Machinery Administration Bureau, organized by Changsha Agricultural Machinery Bureau, and undertaken by Zoomlion, the training course for the chairman of Hunan Agricultural Machinery Cooperative opened at Xiangtan Huayin International Hotel at the same time. The training meeting invited the directors of more than 100 demonstration cooperatives in the province and the heads of several municipal and county agricultural machinery bureaus to participate. The meeting included the introduction of the development status, problems and trends, advanced management experience and agricultural machinery financial products and services of Agricultural Machinery Cooperatives by relevant personnel of the agricultural machinery Bureau. The atmosphere was grand and warm

in order to have an in-depth understanding of the agricultural machinery market and design and develop targeted financial services and products, the financial services company has cooperated with the market department of the agricultural machinery sector. Since the beginning of September, soldiers have visited and investigated agricultural machinery dealers, cooperatives and farmers in many cities and counties in the Province. At the chairman training meeting, the financial products and services of Zoomlion were introduced to all participants, and a questionnaire on financial needs was issued. Nearly 80% of the chairman carefully filled out the questionnaire and put forward relevant suggestions. On the one hand, the positive feedback from all parties shows that financial services are a key issue of great concern to all cooperatives, which will be a huge potential market; On the other hand, it shows the ardent expectation of the market for financial demand, and the development of agricultural machinery financial products is imminent

Wang Jinfu, head of the agricultural machinery sector, said in a meeting with colleagues from the financial services company that agricultural development has been the focus of the national government's "No. 1 document" for many years, and due to the characteristics of agricultural production and operation and the particularity of customer groups, financial institutions can provide very limited financial support. It is hoped that financial service companies, as manufacturers' financial enterprises, can make breakthroughs in the design and production stage of components and materials in the field of agricultural finance by adopting materials, technologies and processes beneficial to environmental protection as much as possible, and design financial products that meet the needs of the market and customers and match the characteristics of agricultural capital flow, so as to provide strong support for the rapid development of Zoomlion agricultural machinery sector and compare them with tensile experiments

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