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Zoomlion breaks through the pollution-free industry problem of garbage collection and transportation

Zoomlion breaks through the pollution-free industry problem of garbage collection and transportation

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Zoomlion's six leak free compression garbage trucks with superior performance were recently shipped to Xiantao, Hubei Province. It is understood that during the trial operation, the local environmental sanitation department greatly appreciated the product and believed that the product met the higher environmental protection needs of environmental sanitation operations, improved the level of urban environmental sanitation, and was a good helper for beautifying the urban environment and removing garbage

with the development of society and the improvement of people's living standards, domestic waste has also been "improved" a lot. According to statistics, China produces about 350 million tons of domestic waste every year. The huge amount of waste not only brings great pressure to the environment, but also threatens people's health. In the process of garbage collection and transportation, the leaked sewage emits a foul smell, pollutes the road, breeds mosquitoes, and invisible bacteria invade people's healthy life

aiming at the problem of sewage leakage in the process of garbage collection and transportation, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. launched a full series of leak free compression garbage trucks. Compared with the traditional post loading compression garbage truck, the leak free compression garbage truck arranges the compression mechanism on the top of the garbage can, and uses the original oil cylinder to drive the bucket pressing plate to implement the bucket pressing technology feeding mechanism, which has strong applicability, stable and reliable work, and meets the collection modes of various domestic garbage

according to the relevant person in charge of Zoomlion environment group, Zoomlion can also accept the instructions of other equipment through RS232 port. Zoomlion leak free compression garbage truck has made many designs in terms of green environmental protection, economic applicability and humanization. In terms of green environmental protection, this product adopts a boat shaped bottom plate design, which has strong water storage capacity and refuses secondary pollution; The same control function is the first dynamic compaction operation gap constant control technology. The compaction mechanism is covered at the feeding port of the dustbin. B can realize closed transportation and eliminate the floating of garbage during transportation; At the same time, the product also has strong sewage storage and collection capacity

in terms of economic practicality, the leak free compression garbage truck realizes the overall structure lightweight in product design; However, it does not affect its strong loading capacity at all, effectively reducing the transportation cost; In addition, the fuel consumption of the product is low, which effectively reduces the operating cost of the product for customers. Leak free compression garbage truck integrates many humanized designs. The product has advanced electric control system design and ergonomic control system; The driver's cab is equipped with high-definition LED display screen, which has better visual effect. It can comprehensively monitor the pressing and loading conditions, and implement monitoring and safe operation; The bulldozer, filling mechanism and rear door are controlled by interlocking logic, which is safe and reliable

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