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Zoomlion and Tanghe county jointly create a demonstration county of full mechanization of agricultural production

Zoomlion and Tanghe county jointly create a demonstration county of full mechanization of agricultural production

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on May 25, Zoomlion and Tanghe county can produce all major crops in shape The launching ceremony of the establishment of a mechanized demonstration county with almost endless design freedom in terms of color and texture was held in Tanghe County, Nanyang City, Henan Province. Relevant leaders from the Agricultural Machinery Extension Station of the Ministry of agriculture, Henan Agricultural Machinery Bureau, Nanyang city and Tanghe county government attended the launching ceremony

Guwang wheat machine provides efficient wheat harvest services

this time Zoomlion and Tanghe County have joined hands to jointly create a demonstration county of full mechanization of agricultural production, aiming to combine the actual development needs of Tanghe County and rely on the leading technology, management, products and other advantages of enterprises in the field of agricultural equipment, "Customized static load zigzag, transverse grain tension, compression splitting experiment for wood" agricultural production whole process mechanization solution. This establishment will not only help to improve the overall agricultural mechanization service level of Tanghe County, provide new help for the development of local modern agriculture, but also provide a demonstration sample for the whole process mechanization of agricultural production in the country

it is understood that in order to promote the transformation of agricultural development mode and accelerate the process of agricultural modernization, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "opinions on carrying out the whole process mechanization promotion action of major crop production", deployed and carried out the whole process mechanization promotion action of major crop production throughout the country, and built about 500 demonstration counties nationwide that took the lead in basically realizing the whole process mechanization of production

As an important major grain producing area and labor exporting County in China, Tanghe county has vigorously promoted the measurement of the whole process mechanical force of major crop production in recent years, making outstanding contributions to agricultural efficiency and farmers' income. The relevant person in charge of Tanghe County Agricultural Machinery Bureau said that Tanghe county has complete agricultural production factors and a solid foundation for agricultural mechanization, which is very suitable for the promotion and application of the whole process mechanization

Zoomlion provided the whole process mechanization solution of agricultural production for Tanghe County.

at the Nanyang straw comprehensive utilization on-site meeting held at the same time, Zoomlion's Guwang tc80, tb70 wheat machines, gengwang rk604, rc1304 tractors, Guwang balers and other star products carried out the whole process mechanization operation demonstration of straw crushing and returning to the field, machine harvesting and bundling integration, no tillage sowing and so on

for the treatment of wheat straw, Zoomlion has launched a comprehensive solution based on local conditions: in areas that can meet the recycling of straw, the straw is recycled by tractors equipped with balers to increase farmers' income; In areas where straw recycling cannot be met, the straw can be crushed by a harvester equipped with a crusher, so as to return the straw to the field for reuse and effectively solve the environmental pollution caused by straw incineration

as a service provider for the overall solution of agricultural production mechanization, Zoomlion has been deeply engaged in the field of full mechanization of the production of major crops such as wheat, corn, rice, rape and so on for many years, and has successively developed a series of agricultural machinery products covering the production links such as tillage and land preparation, planting, harvesting, plant protection, drying, straw treatment and so on. Through product scientific and technological innovation and service mode innovation, it has achieved a good link between the links of agricultural production, A set of operation mode suitable for the whole process mechanization of domestic agricultural production is being explored

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