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Zoomlion won awards for a variety of agricultural machinery products to promote the new transformation of "intelligent manufacturing" of agricultural machinery

Zoomlion won awards for a variety of agricultural machinery products to promote the new transformation of "intelligent manufacturing" of agricultural machinery

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recently, the "2017 China Agricultural Machinery Industry annual award ceremony" which attracted the attention of the industry was held in Wuhan, Hubei Province, and Zoomlion won a number of awards for a variety of agricultural machinery products. Among them, Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. won the "annual Excellence Award for manufacturing enterprises", Zoomlion pl2304 tractor won the "product Gold Award", and Zoomlion grain drying equipment won the "most influential brand award"

this award ceremony was jointly organized by China Agricultural machinery circulation association, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association and China Agricultural Mechanization Association. The awards awarded in the event covered products, enterprises, brands, cooperatives and other awards, and received extensive attention and participation from the whole industry. It aims to stimulate and lead the overall progress of manufacturing, circulation and services in the agricultural machinery industry, and promote the improvement of the agricultural machinery industry in terms of technological innovation, structural optimization, brand expansion and service guarantee

Zoomlion, an equipment manufacturing enterprise, is actively committed to developing high-end agricultural equipment and key core components. It focuses on creating "an overall solution for agricultural production mechanization", takes "innovation" as the development essence, manufactures medium and high-end agricultural machinery products that are more suitable for China, and promotes the transformation and upgrading of independent brand innovative agricultural machinery

previously, at the 2017 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, Zoomlion's agricultural machinery products have been integrated with intelligent manufacturing genes - new technologies and concepts such as human-computer interaction and electronic gear shifting have been widely used in products, creating products with high comfort, operation efficiency and cost performance

the software engineer of Zoomlion North America R & D center once said, "our products are at the same level as world-class products in terms of design, technology and performance, and have more advantages over foreign products in adapting to the Chinese market."

the award-winning agricultural machinery products also demonstrate the determination of Zoomlion to continuously catch up with and surpass world-class brands in technology and quality

among them, pl2304 tractor is a high-end fully electro-hydraulic controlled power shift tractor independently developed by Zoomlion, with more than 20 patents, which has achieved a major breakthrough in the product technology of high-end high-power tractors in China. Since its listing, it has been widely praised by users in northwest, Xinjiang and Northeast China. In 2013, the experiment cost was effectively reduced. 7 at the China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, Zoomlion launched the pl2604 tractor with higher horsepower and higher intelligence level, showing a strong ability of continuous innovation

as an industry leading brand, Zoomlion Guwang dryer is popular in the market with its performance advantages of high efficiency, high quality and low energy consumption. In addition, Zoomlion also uses cutting-edge technologies such as automatic control and IOT to build intelligent grain drying equipment, which is a grain drying system integrating hot blast stove, instruction dryer, screening machine, mechanical granary, auxiliary engineering, intelligent automatic control and remote control. At the same time, through IOT, the distribution, specification and model, operation status, operation progress The real-time status data information of the dryer, such as the failure report, is presented one by one. This system not only makes the whole process of grain drying more efficient and worry free, but also greatly improves the quality of grain drying and reduces energy consumption. It is called "the turnkey project of drying in the market demand of Intelligent Grain regions" by the industry

under the strategic guidance of "made in China 2025", Zoomlion takes "the overall solution service provider of agricultural production mechanization" as its mission, adheres to innovation driven, provides users with more applicable, more reliable and more intelligent agricultural machinery products, and serves the development of China's agricultural modernization

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