Troubleshooting of the most popular zxjd440a paper

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Common troubleshooting of zxjd440a paperback binding machine

after the sw440a rotary conveyor on the binding line has been used for half a year, the coupling plates have been worn one after another. Sometimes it is replaced 2-3 times in half a year, about 300 pieces at a time, which costs thousands of yuan. After analysis, it is mainly the wear on the inner side of the positioning track. After removing the original accessories, draw the processing drawing according to the undamaged parts. After processing, the left and right can be interchanged, which can slow down the wear of the coupling plate. Replace the plastic blades used on the motor with aluminum composite blades, and clamp and fix them on the shaft mounting position. The blade can be used as a hand turntable to increase the installation safety of the coupling plate. This method can also be used on the drive chain motor of qf60 slitter. When blocking the book, use the hand disc to exit, so as to prevent the operator from being scratched by slitting, which is convenient and safe

qf60 Slitter uses 5kW motor to extract paper dust, but there is still paper dust flying around, which not only affects the working environment, but also damages the track bearing of the three sided knife book feeding trolley. First, install a small block made of rubber cloth on the back of the double middle knife slitting knife to block most of the paper wool. Then process the cutting bottom plate, remove 5 ~ 10mm on both sides of the rear saw mouth, increase the paper wool outlet, make the paper wool at the cutting point fall quickly, and reduce the amount of paper wool flying out. If the surface of the cutting part of the current slitting backing plate is uneven after heating, and the book is not smooth when slitting, you can shovel off the convex part of the surface and flatten it, continue production, and replace it when the edge of the paper cannot be cut off, which not only reduces material waste, but also facilitates production

Author: Cheng Jiamin

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