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Zoomlion: 400 ton all terrain crane delivered to the customer

at 10 a.m. on January 6, a grand delivery ceremony was held at the west gate of Zoomlion quantang Industrial Park in Changsha, Hunan Province. The golden key was handed over to the customer representative, symbolizing the formal delivery of Zoomlion zat4000 all terrain truck crane to Yingkou Tianzhu hoisting engineering company

Yingkou Tianzhu hoisting engineering company, which adds this powerful weapon, is a large-scale and powerful hoisting company in Liaoning, with great influence and development potential. Through the successful cooperation between Zoomlion and Yingkou Tianzhu hoisting, the leading position of Zoomlion in the market of large tonnage truck cranes has been established, which represents that Zoomlion's technology and product quality in the field of large tonnage truck cranes have been recognized and trusted by the industry, which is of great significance

Luo Tongchun, deputy general manager of Zoomlion (2) compatibilizer facheng crane company, said in his speech: after careful consideration, you can achieve success. The delivery of each equipment embodies the careful research and development and lean manufacturing of Zoomlion. The trust of customers is the biggest driving force for us to move forward. We will continue to uphold the corporate philosophy of craftsmanship and provide high-quality and high-performance intelligent products to the market; Zoomlion will always focus on improving product quality and service, build a high-level and efficient after-sales service team, and solve customers' worries

watching zat4000 drive out of the Industrial Park smoothly symbolizes Yingkou Tianzhu hoisting 1. Maximum experimental force: 100kN engineering company will further expand its ambitions and make further progress with the help of zat4000's brand popularity

for a long time, Zoomlion, which has a deep foundation, has continuously surpassed itself in the field of Engineering cranes and created one record after another, bringing surprise and shock to users through continuous innovation in design, unremitting efforts of employees to obtain satisfactory pages, and continuous upgrading of product quality and performance. Zoomlion will carry forward the past and forge ahead into the future. Guided by the sincere and profound cultural concept, Zoomlion will wholeheartedly manufacture the most leading products, provide the best services and create the greatest value to the country, society and every customer

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