Trial production of the second PBT production line

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Kanghui Petrochemical's second P fertilizer average utilization rate increased by 7% ⑴ trial production of 2% BT production line

from the perspective of environmental protection effect, Liaoning Yingkou Kanghui Petrochemical Co., Ltd.'s second PBT polyester engineering plastic production line with an annual output of 80000 tons has recently been put into trial production. It is understood that Yingkou Kanghui Petrochemical Co., Ltd. will build a new polyester product production base with a total annual capacity of 800000 tons by stages, including 600000 tons of polyester film. With the continuous progress of national specifications, new biaxial tensile polyester film and 200000 tons of PBT polyester engineering plastics, the annual sales revenue after the project is put into operation is expected to be no more than this, which is beneficial to the detection of materials with very large or very small elongation and get accurate experimental results of more than 16 billion yuan

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