Don't learn the business of monkey breaking corn

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Don't learn the operation of "monkey breaking corn"

don't learn the operation of "monkey breaking corn"

September 25, 2008

[China paint information] many people must remember a very simple story, that is, the fable of "monkey breaking corn". It's about monkeys breaking corn in the field. As soon as they break off one, they feel that the one in front is better, so they throw down the one in their hands and break the other. The other one got it and thought there was something better. He threw it away and broke the "better one". Unconsciously came to the end of the ground, it was late, so I had to break one at random in a hurry. When I went back, it was just rotten corn, so I had to make do with it

many people will laugh that monkey is too stupid and thinks he is smart. Monkey foolishness is not an intellectual problem, but a psychological problem. It is too impetuous. This is just as Xunzi said: "vermis have no claws and teeth, strong muscles and bones, eat Egyptian soil on the top, drink yellow spring on the bottom, and have one heart; crabs kneel six and two to avoid exceeding the preset travel claws, and those who are not the acupoints of snakes and eels have no sustenance, have an impatient heart."

just because of impetuosity, many coating enterprise bosses are sighing: now coating is difficult to do, what should we do

I can see that those paint enterprises that complain incessantly every day are also like that monkey. Enterprises either have many varieties of products or involve diversification. Full flowering, poor flowering. Ask him what advantages he has? It seems that all are advantages, but in fact, there are no advantages. See which product has high profit, just flock to it. Products follow the trend, design follow the trend, and marketing follow the trend. Without product research and development, professional design, and intensive cultivation, there will be no development

as for various external factors, such as soaring oil prices, rising raw material prices, rising labor costs, and so on, every enterprise will encounter them. Why don't other enterprises complain? Because many enterprise managers are used to looking for reasons from the outside, and rarely check problems from the inside. Since the external environment encountered by enterprises is basically the same, and they become flexible and efficient, the real problem lies within the enterprise. Is the strategy wrong, with a decrease of 8.5%%? Is it tactical weakness? Is the technology not up to standard? Is it poor quality? Is marketing not selling or is the team unhealthy? Is there a problem with the service or the customer? And so on, are all major events that enterprises must pay attention to at all times. Now there are too many enterprises in the paint industry that rely on experience to do marketing. They are not good at learning from the advanced methods of excellent enterprises, learning from foreign advanced ideas, and are not willing to try new marketing strategies

in fact, it is a great achievement to be able to do a good job in a product and an industry. Don't think that being big and complete is an advantage. It's professional and excellent. The technology of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. experimental machine is the highest in the country, which is its ability. Some famous large enterprises and group companies in the world, such as Microsoft and Coca Cola in the United States, have made a product for decades or even hundreds of years, gaining monopoly and leading position, and then continue to do scientific research, so that their technology has always been in the leading position in the same industry, thus making excess profits

look at the ranking of Fortune Global 500: Duke Energy Co., Ltd. ranks first in energy category, Anglo Dutch Shell Oil Co., Ltd. ranks first in oil refining category, and UPS company ranks first in logistics and transportation category... They have one thing in common, that is, they are very focused on one industry, and devote themselves to building core competitiveness to make the enterprise bigger and stronger. For example, UPS has only done one thing today - to deliver packages to customers at the fastest speed. With only one thing, UPS has achieved its business all over the world. Many enterprises in the world are in an invincible position in the competition by concentrating all their time, energy, capital and technology to make a fist product

it is suggested that some bosses calm down and consider the future development of the enterprise rationally. Indeed, in China's coating industry, enterprises that make strategic deployment are almost rare, and those that make good corporate culture are also rare

stand high and look far away. Don't learn the operation of "monkey breaking corn", break one and lose another. Doing a good job of a product and a good job of a market will have a promising future

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