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Technological innovation strengthens Wacker chemical's confidence in investment in China

Thomas koini, vice president of Wacker Greater China (right)

Wacker chemical's investment in China in 2008 was very frequent. According to the third quarter financial report released by Wacker, it is expected to set a new record for wacker's sales and profits in 2008. This is also one of the enterprises that made a high-profile statement of contrarian growth during the financial crisis. Thomas koini, vice president of Wacker Greater China, said in an exclusive interview with Huicong paint that investment and attention to technological innovation will strengthen wacker's confidence in the Chinese market

in 2009, wacker's global investment will focus on polysilicon. At the same time, the investment in China's special chemicals is also very huge. At present, the first phase of wacker's siloxane and fumed silica plant in Zhangjiagang has been put into operation in November this year. Covering an area of nearly onemillion square meters, the base is the largest production base of siloxane and fumed silica in China, and also one of the largest and most advanced comprehensive production bases of silicone in the world. The gas-phase silica plant and siloxane plant are expected to reach full production capacity by the end of 2010, with an annual output of about 200000 tons of siloxane and gas-phase silica; In terms of polymers, the world-class VAE lotion and powder base invested by Wacker Nanjing will have a very good performance. Moreover, wacker's technology center in Shanghai has also been expanded, which will double its original size. At present, Wacker has invested about US $100 million in China, and its investment in China will exceed US $200 million in the next few years. Wacker's investment in China will be closely related to technology development and services. Thomas koini said that the business objectives in China will focus on two aspects: first, continue to strengthen infrastructure construction, including the improvement of production base and technology research and development capacity. Second, provide products suitable for the Chinese market, especially innovative solutions suitable for local applications

in 2009, when investors are generally not optimistic about the continued weak market, Wacker has already prepared for further development in China. According to Huicong, the production base invested by Xianchu Wacker in Nanjing originally only planned to produce VAE dry powder line, and will also be expanded to VAE lotion product project in the future. At the same time, the VAE lotion laboratory was added to the technology center in Shanghai, and the hardware facilities were upgraded. The unique directional valve of PTI, the world's leading manufacturer of high-performance sheet extrusion equipment, was granted a U.S. patent, and the investment of researchers was increased to strengthen the development of the market

"Wacker is very confident in the development of China's Silicone Market!" Thomas resin matrix composites are mainly used in the cold end of aeroengines. S koini explained that silicone is widely used in industries, coatings, textiles, personal care products and other fields. Moreover, the per capita consumption of silicone in China accounts for only half of the world consumption level; Compared with the per capita consumption of the United States, Japan and other countries, it is only one sixth of the level. This consumption gap shows that the silicone market has great potential. Although the current global economic situation is sluggish, the extensive progressiveness application of silicone and its good substitution for traditional products in some aspects make Wacker very optimistic about the long-term development of the market, and wacker will also strengthen its investment in this area in the future. The circular concept of wacker's comprehensive production has improved production in terms of environmental protection and productivity. Highly qualified salespersons and technicians through strict training will become a magic weapon for Wacker to cope with the current financial crisis. Thomaskoini is confident in maintaining the growth of the Chinese market

thomaskoini also said in the interview: "In the future, wacker's industrial chain innovation will be reflected in the development of hybrid products with the characteristics of both organosilicon and polymers. For example, products with comprehensive properties such as tensile strength and mechanical properties of polymers, hydrophobicity in organosilicon and comfortable hand feel will expand our innovation field. In the field of coatings, it will extend to the development of textile coatings, and in cosmetics, Wacker will bring benefits to China Surprise. " According to HC, at the 13th China International Paint exhibition held recently, Wacker launched a series of innovative products and applications specially tailored for the Chinese market with the theme of "innovationfora better life", that is, natural harmony, development and innovation. These include environment-friendly lotion for interior wall paint formulation, redispersible emulsion powder for non efflorescence decorative mortar, and silicone resin for hydrophobic masonry paint

when analyzing the main macro factors of the development of China's coating raw material industry, Thomas koini believes that according to China's current environmental protection policies, the decisive factors of the environment are more prominent. First, the impact of the production process on the environment; Second, the impact of product application on the environment. The production process will reflect the high-efficiency and energy-saving characteristics of circular economy, and environmentally friendly and energy-saving products will also become the mainstream trend of the market. To this end, Wacker is striving to provide more products to the market that meet the needs of these two aspects. At present, in terms of architectural coatings, Wacker has a solvent-free, low VOC lotion that meets the requirements of interior wall coatings to cooperate with environmental protection solutions. In terms of energy-saving products, Wacker silicone resin has excellent performance in the surface decoration layer of external wall insulation, which keeps the wall dry and saves energy consumption

in addition, on the issue of wacker's acquisition of the air chemical lotion department at the beginning of the year, which is widely concerned by employment insiders, Thomas koini said: since the first half of this year, Wacker has started to integrate comprehensively and operate as a separate business unit of Wacker, and the process is smooth at present. Thomaskoini said that the successful acquisition of air chemical's lotion products has strengthened wacker's supply chain in the United States and Asia, and enriched wacker's product lines in coatings, adhesives and other industries. Wacker expects to perform better in the global and Chinese markets in 2009

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