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Scientific and technological innovation promotes China's hardware industry to become bigger and stronger

China's hardware industry has maintained a high-speed development trend since the 1990s, when a disc passed through the step hole and was fixed on the experimental machine by bolts. At present, it has become an important hardware manufacturing country in the world, but it is undeniable that China's hardware industry is in product research and development, innovation, brand management, marketing management, enterprise scale There is a big gap with the world famous hardware enterprises in many aspects, such as financial strength

after joining the WTO, facing the challenges of foreign competitors, China's hardware enterprises began to realize that they must cross the stage of imitating foreign products. Only by independently developing new products that are not available at home and abroad, can they truly innovate products and occupy the international market, which is conducive to promoting China's hardware industry to gradually establish its own independent technological innovation system. This requires hardware enterprises to cooperate with scientific research institutions and colleges and universities to jointly develop new product projects and strive to expand domestic and foreign markets

at present, the design ability, level and processing means of multinational hardware enterprises are higher than ours. They all have advanced design reserves, and we lack both capital and technology

China's tool hardware has begun to get rid of the single form of traditional hardware, which accounts for a large share. A number of material and color matching, function and shape combination, have developed in the direction of humanization. Light, thin, short and small new hardware products have become a fashion in the hardware world. Like hand tools, the use of ergonomics, bold creativity in design, exquisite materials, on the basis of practical, more artistic appreciation. From the perspective of hardware products and advanced technology at home and abroad, the gap between China and foreign investors is still relatively large. Taking locks as an example, foreign lock making equipment is generally CNC, controlled by computers, fully automatic, one-time clamping, multi station all-in-one machine and other advanced technologies, with high precision. The domestic lock industry mostly manufactures molds and rarely uses machining centers, so there are few high-grade boutique locks

technological innovation is the key word for the development of hardware industry. Scientific and technological innovation has become a synonym for social progress and an idea to promote the rapid development of China's hardware industry. Luo Baihui, Secretary General of the International Association of mold and hardware and plastic industry suppliers, said that China has become a major hardware manufacturing country, but its share in the total global hardware trade is less than 10%. The reason is that the scientific and technological level of China's hardware industry lags behind the world's hardware giants, Our hardware products are in an embarrassing situation of low grade and low price. On the one hand, this gap brings many obstacles to development, but also lets us see the huge market potential. As long as we improve our own strength, the road to become bigger and stronger for China hardware is still open. Scientific and technological innovation has naturally become the only way for the development of China's hardware industry

it is the development of world science and technology that the use of new materials, new processes and new technologies has greatly improved productivity and promoted the process of society. However, for the hardware industry, new materials not only improve the quality and performance of hardware products, but also lead the industry trend. The research and development and application of new hardware materials have greatly promoted the process of new products' intellectualization and precision. At the same time, under the guidance of the new design concept, the new hardware style is full of charming charm. New materials, new processes and new technologies have achieved the true quality of hardware

at present, the Sino US trade war has an impact on the paper industry. The layout of raw materials has become the core competitiveness of paper mills. China has formulated a phased development plan: in 2010, the level of hardware manufacturing has been significantly improved, and some industries have entered the international advanced level; By 2020, the proportion of China's industrial added value in the global industrial added value will increase from 5.72% in 2000 to more than 10%; The proportion of manufactured goods exports in global manufactured goods exports will increase from 5.22% in 2000 to more than 10%, and the hardware manufacturing industry as a whole has reached the international advanced level. At that time, China will also have a number of powerful hardware manufacturing groups, forming a number of distinctive and internationally renowned hardware manufacturing centers. At present, the Yangtze River Delta region has formed a certain scale in the manufacturing of electronic products, and it should strive to become a world-class hardware manufacturing center in this field in the future

China's hardware industry has great development potential and broad market prospects. Relevant hardware enterprises should dare to meet challenges, seize market opportunities and develop with the industry. Specifically, more efforts should be made in the following aspects:

first, strengthen technological innovation and promote technological progress in the industry

after China's accession to the WTO, the patents of foreign hardware products have been protected by intellectual property rights. Therefore, if the domestic hardware industry wants to enhance its competitiveness, it must increase investment in product research and development and technical equipment renewal. At the same time, we should accelerate the promotion and application of new products, new processes and new materials, so as to continuously improve the quality and grade of end face and vertical universal friction and wear testing machines, and change the situation that most domestic hardware enterprises produce medium and low-grade products as soon as possible

second, create more famous brands in China. Like "SATA", "Stanley", "Bosch" and other famous enterprises in the world, they bring customers trust in products. In this regard, China's hardware industry still has a long way to go

third, increase the adjustment of industrial structure. In view of the small scale of China's hardware enterprises and the excess production capacity of medium and low-end products, we should cultivate a number of advantageous stock enterprises as soon as possible through survival of the fittest, mergers and acquisitions, so that China's hardware industry can become bigger and stronger as soon as possible in the competition with multinational enterprises

fourth, vigorously explore the international market and expand the export of hardware products

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