Don't let the plastic bag cover the earth

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Don't let plastic bags cover the earth

will plastic bags cover the earth? Don't laugh, let the numbers speak. Just take the city where we live as an example. According to estimates from relevant institutions, the current annual use of plastic bags in Beijing has reached nearly 10billion, weighing up to 49500 tons, and the average daily consumption is more than 27 million! What about all China? What about the world? If you tile it and wrap the earth solidly for a few circles, I'm afraid there's a surplus. What would it be like? The blue earth we are familiar with is covered with plastic film. We don't know whether we should feel afraid or sad

in fact, when we enjoy the convenience brought by plastic bags in our daily life, we also create endless troubles for ourselves. Environmental problems such as white pollution caused by the abuse of plastic bags have become the fatal injury of urban environmental governance. The waste plastic products scattered in the environment not only cause damage to the city appearance and landscape, but more importantly, most of the waste plastic products are difficult to degrade after entering the natural environment, causing long-term deep-seated environmental problems, resulting in a series of serious consequences, such as crop production reduction, animal death, toxic smoke and dust during incineration, and so on

at present, the place where people most often use plastic bags is shopping in supermarkets. In addition to environmental problems, the indiscriminate distribution and abuse of plastic bags in supermarkets also contributed to people's bad waste habits of Huang Danhua, deputy director of the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, which caused a huge economic burden to the retail industry. Statistics from the China Chain Management Association said that the total annual consumption of packaging bags in the supermarket industry was as high as 5billion yuan. However, the real problem is that domestic consumers have regarded the provision of plastic bags in supermarkets as a natural service. I have seen more than once that customers who shop in supermarkets have quarreled or even quarreled with the cashier because they failed to ask for more or larger plastic bags from the cashier. In fact, in many developed countries, supermarkets do not provide customers with plastic bags. I remember the first time I went to the United States, I bought a lot of things in a supermarket. When I checked out, I found that there was no packaging. Of course, there was no plastic bag we used to take for granted in China. I had no choice but to buy another travel bag. Later, I learned to be smart when I regularly cleaned and replaced the torque motor and pilot valve in supermarkets in the United States, and brought my own shopping bag. In fact, according to the 3R principle of circular economy, that is, reduce/reduce, reuse and recycle, the first thing to consider in building a circular society is "reduce/reduce", so as to reduce the source of energy consumption and garbage generation. Many developed countries that are at the forefront of achieving sustainable development and a circular society have been particularly 4. The loading and unloading head should be carefully aware of the importance of reducing waste at the source

on the occasion of the International Earth Day on April 22, some environmental protection NGOs recently launched the "plastic bag reduction alliance" activity, calling for halving everyone's plastic bag consumption during the week from April 22 to 28, which can form a good habit of using plastic bags as little as possible. If we can really implement it, conservatively, it will save about 94 million plastic bags, more than 450 tons. If the sales price is 5000 to 10000 yuan per ton, the merchants who provide plastic bags for customers will save 2.25 million to 4.5 million yuan. If the money saved by the merchants is returned to the customers and the commodity price is reduced, the merchants and customers will benefit at the same time. The above data is only calculated by halving the number of plastic bags per person in a week. If calculated in a year, the number is even more amazing. If people can form the habit of reusing plastic bags or using other shopping bags, the consumption of waste plastic bags and related resources that enter the natural environment and cause white pollution will be greatly reduced, and our own environment will be visibly improved

a friend posted a post on the page of the "plastic bag reduction alliance" and said, "I have reduced the use of 13 plastic bags in the past two days. I remember to bring my own bags every time I go to the supermarket. When I buy soymilk in the morning, I don't want the bags anymore. That day, I rejected the cashier's bags, and she was happy to say 'thank you', I feel so fulfilled!" In fact, it's just a small effort. In fact, it's just a change of concept. Don't let plastic bags cover our own earth, and don't let our living environment suffer continuous damage because of temporary convenience. I hope you can bring your own bag when you go to the supermarket again

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