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Technological innovation methods and the cultivation of enterprises' independent innovation ability

in today's world, economic globalization has become an inevitable trend of human social and economic development. The economy of various places continues to launch experimental machine dual operation systems at home and abroad, breaking through national restrictions and allocating resources around the world. The new development situation makes the competition between enterprises increasingly fierce. The practice of successful enterprises has proved that only with strong independent innovation ability can we grasp the opportunity and win the initiative in the fierce market competition. For developing countries, only by adhering to the development path of independent brand, independent research and development, and independent innovation, can they get rid of the technological control of developed countries, master the world's leading technology, and form their own core competitiveness. Under the influence of the current international financial crisis, some Chinese enterprises with a lack of innovation awareness and ability and low technology content have no resistance, and their survival and development have encountered great difficulties. Some enterprises with independent intellectual property rights and private brands have not been affected, but have achieved greater development, which also proves the important role of enterprises' independent innovation ability in enhancing their core competitiveness and improving their anti risk ability

1 the current situation of independent innovation of Chinese enterprises

from the current situation of Chinese enterprises, the electronic universal experimental machine selects the all digital communication servo speed regulation system and servo electromechanical drive system with high speed regulation accuracy and stable function as the driving system, although there are a number of successful enterprises that are brave in independent innovation, and their independent innovation ability has been enhanced in recent years, there is still a big gap compared with developed countries on the whole. According to incomplete statistics, only 1% of China's enterprises have patents, only 25% of more than 20000 large and medium-sized enterprises have R & D institutions, and only 30% have R & D activities. The investment intensity of enterprise R & D activities is less than 1%, reflecting that enterprises still pay less attention to and fund investment in the process of independent innovation. Therefore, in order to achieve the goal of improving the ability of independent innovation and building an innovative country, it is very urgent to enhance the ability of independent innovation of enterprises

improving the independent innovation ability of enterprises involves many factors, such as policy system, mechanism system, educational talents and so on. Based on practical experience, this paper mainly discusses the relationship between innovation methods and independent innovation ability of enterprises. Just as the solution of many things requires methods and skills, the nominal component of improving the independent innovation ability of enterprises is Ti (6) al (2) 5Mo⑴. 5cr-0.5fe-0.3si also has advanced methods and techniques to assist

generally speaking, technological innovation refers to the whole process of the first commercialization of an enterprise from the assumption of technology, through research and development, trial production, production and manufacturing, to the actual production and application, and to produce economic or recovery benefits. In the process of technological innovation, from the era of industrial revolution to now, psychologists, sociologists and creationists have studied and summarized about 1000 kinds of innovative methods according to people's large number of innovative practices, of which about 25 kinds of innovative methods and skills are widely recognized and promoted, such as intellectual stimulation, trial and error, association, morphological analysis, checklist, brainstorming, etc. Some of these methods and techniques have achieved great success and have a brilliant record. But on the whole, these methods are abstract, random, unclear direction and poor universality

in order to help Chinese enterprises improve their independent innovation ability and master advanced methods and skills, in 2007, the Ministry of science and technology, the development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of education and the China Association for science and technology jointly carried out the work of innovative methods. Subsequently, the pilot work of technological innovation methods focusing on the promotion of modern technological innovation method TRIZ theory was carried out in some provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government) such as Heilongjiang, aiming to comprehensively improve the regional scientific and technological innovation ability through the pilot work. More than a year's practice has proved that the pilot areas have achieved good results, and the pilot enterprises have responded strongly and achieved remarkable results. Through the trial work, not only the innovation base and platform have been established, but also the teaching staff have been trained, and the practical problems of enterprises have been solved. Some enterprises have also applied for patents using innovative methods. Through the training of enterprise innovation methods, enterprises feel that innovation is no longer a concept or a slogan, but a real driving force to improve the ability of independent innovation

2 the role of technological innovation methods in improving the independent innovation ability of enterprises

2.1 introduction to TRIZ theory of modern technological innovation methods

triz theory was put forward in 1946, which has a history of more than 60 years. From its emergence, development to mature application, it has experienced 14 development stages. The inventor is genrich archishuler, the inventor and creator of the former Soviet Union. The meaning of TRIZ is the theory of solving invention problems. This theoretical system is a set of complete system theory and method of solving invention problems based on the research, analysis, induction and summary of more than 2 million high-level invention patents and the wisdom of millions of inventors. By using analytical tools, we can transform a complex and uncertain problem-solving process into a precise scientific operation process. At present, in addition to Russia, enterprises in the United States, Japan, Israel, South Korea, Taiwan, China and other countries and regions have studied and applied this method on a large scale, solved a large number of practical technical problems, saved a lot of research and development funds, and made good progress in patent applications, independent intellectual property rights, etc. Since the 21st century. TRIZ theory is becoming a powerful tool for many modern enterprises to innovate, helping them develop from technology followers to industry leaders. A large number of well-known enterprises such as Samsung Group, Ford Motor Company, Boeing company, Shenzhen Huawei Company, etc. have made key technological breakthroughs and won the core competitiveness of enterprises by using TRIZ theory. Many other countries are committed to the research, promotion and application of TRIZ theory, and combine this method with traditional innovation methods and other modern innovation methods to solve various innovation problems in the field of production technology

2.2 specific effects produced by the practical promotion and application of technological innovation method (TRIZ theory)

in the process of promoting TRIZ theory in pilot areas of the Ministry of science and technology and other departments, through holding special reports on technological innovation methods, special lectures on TRIZ theory and other forms, this method was publicized and promoted to scientific and technological personnel and management personnel, which improved their understanding of TRIZ and deepened their understanding of technological innovation methods. Some regions have also established a case base of technological innovation to help enterprises learn from the successful experience or failure lessons of others. When carrying out technological innovation methods, they should develop their strengths and avoid weaknesses and avoid detours. After more than a year of practice and promotion, the training effect has initially appeared, and enterprises have begun to apply for patents through technological innovation methods. For example, through the promotion and application of TRIZ theory, Heilongjiang Province has applied for 22 patents and obtained 6 patents only for the students of enterprises and institutions participating in the training. Another example is the R & D personnel of a research institute in Jiangsu Province, who invented "a portable flexible film inflatable radio circular antenna", which solved the problem of inconvenient movement of remote satellite receiving antenna, and obtained the notification of acceptance of invention patent application. A Jiangsu Electric Appliance Company creatively integrated the pre trip device and the energy trip device by using TRIZ theory, which made this combined invention play a significant role in production practice and applied for an invention patent

it can be said that the training of technological innovation methods has been warmly welcomed by enterprises in the pilot areas. The trainees have a strong sense of identity with TRIZ, and feel that TRIZ theory has a strong guidance for research and development ideas, which can avoid blind trial and error that consumes a lot of human, material and financial resources, make problem-solving become law-abiding and technical, and leave a huge and easy to operate space for technological innovation. The improvement of independent innovation ability and the increase of independent intellectual property achievements have enhanced the competitiveness of enterprises. After training, some enterprises have entered the ranks of national innovative enterprises. Many trainees reflect that the technological innovation method (TRIZ theory) will play an important role in the independent research and development of enterprises and become a powerful weapon for enterprises to improve their independent innovation ability and overcome the global financial crisis

3 enlightenment and suggestions

from the above, it can be seen that the research and application of technological innovation method (TRIZ theory) has been successful in pilot provinces and cities in mainland China. So why is this theory so little known in China? The first reason is that the original application of TRIZ was in the military field, which belongs to the state secrets of the former Soviet Union and is confidential to other countries in the world. It was not until the collapse of the former Soviet Union, with a large number of scientists migrating to European and American countries, that TRIZ theory attracted great attention from the academic and business circles all over the world, especially in the United States and other developed countries, and it also made TRIZ theory widely used and developed. Second, for a long time, China has not paid enough attention to the innovation of thinking, methods and tools. In addition, TRIZ theory has not been introduced into China for a long time, so the relevant content of innovative education and innovative methods has not been included in the key content, whether in the field of Education or industry, whether in the field of science and technology, or in the investment of government funds for a long time

in order to comprehensively improve China's independent innovation ability, build an innovative country, further create an environment to encourage innovation, cultivate world-class scientists and leading scientific and technological talents, and promote technological innovation in a wider range, the following suggestions are put forward:

3.1 further increase the investment in technological innovation methods

to improve the independent innovation ability, we must increase the investment in R & D funds. According to the comparison of r&d investment intensity, the preferred index for evaluating national scientific and technological competitiveness, China's R & D investment in 2007 was 371.024 billion yuan, and the r&d investment intensity was 1.49%. Although China's total R & D expenditure continues to grow, the proportion of R & D investment in GDP is still lower than that of many developed countries, which can not meet the needs of independent innovation. A large number of research results show that when the R & D intensity does not exceed 1%, technology R & D is in the use technology stage; When the R & D intensity is between 1% and 2%, technology R & D is in the stage of improving technology; When the R & D intensity exceeds 2%, technology R & D is in the stage of technological innovation. According to this standard, China's technology research and development is still in the stage of improving technology. It is necessary to continue to increase the investment in R & D funds, improve the efficiency of the use of funds, and form a stable investment growth mechanism. While ensuring the growth of R & D funds, it is necessary to increase the proportion of investment in technological innovation methods, help enterprises improve their independent innovation ability, achieve breakthroughs and innovations in scientific methods, and achieve leapfrog development

3.2 relying on the national science and technology plan and relevant key work, we should greatly promote the application of innovative methods in enterprises

while promoting technological innovation methods, introducing and applying technological innovation methods (TRIZ theory), we should rely on the national science and technology plan, increase the research and development of technological innovation methods that conform to the actual situation and characteristics of Chinese enterprises, explore scientific and effective promotion ways and modes Carry out research on the corresponding policy environment and institutional mechanisms. It is suggested to set up special research funds to support the research on innovative methods in related fields in combination with the implementation of major science and technology projects in national key fields. At the same time, it is suggested that in the future, technological innovation

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