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Technological progress promotes the growth of plastic exports

from January to December 2014, the export of plastic products in China maintained a small growth, and diversification, specialization and multifunction have become the development direction of plastic products. Industry insiders said that at present, the low concentration of China's plastic industry and the contradiction of product homogeneity restrict the development of the industry, and changing the development mode has become a key problem to be solved urgently in the plastic industry

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the export volume of plastic products increased slightly

according to the latest statistical data of the General Administration of customs, the cumulative export of plastic products from January to December 2014 was 9.51 million tons, an increase of 6.1% year-on-year

insiders said that there were two reasons for the continuous growth of China's plastic products exports in 2014. On the one hand, the development of domestic industries and sufficient supply laid a solid foundation for export growth. China's output of plastic products has always been in the forefront of the world rankings, among which the output of various plastic products has ranked first in the world. For example, the production and sales of polyurethane products account for more than 40% of the total global output, and the scale of production and consumption has ranked first in the world. China has become a major plastic product producer in the world

on the other hand, the continuous expansion of application fields has supported the steady increase in the export of plastic products. With the continuous emergence of new materials, new equipment and new processes, plastic products are developing in the direction of diversification, specialization and multi-function, the application fields are expanding, and the demand of daily necessities, automobiles, packaging, medical treatment, electronic appliances and other industries is growing rapidly

it is predicted that the global consumption of plastics is expected to exceed 500 million tons in 2016. In the field of plastic products terminals, consumer electronics is expected to become the fastest growing market for plastics, with an annual growth rate of 9%. In terms of medical equipment, the global demand for medical polymer materials will continue to rise at an annual growth rate of 5.6% from 2012 to 2018. In terms of automotive plastics, the global consumption of automotive plastics will maintain an annual growth rate of 13.4% in the next five years, and the market value will surge from US $21.617 billion in 2012 to US $46.112 billion in 2018

the plastic industry urgently needs to change its development mode

although the export of plastic products in China has increased rapidly, it is also facing some pressure. It is understood that the plastic industry is facing increasing competitive pressure from surrounding countries. With the continuous rise of domestic labor costs, the traditional industrial advantages established by China with low labor prices for a long time are gradually losing compared with Vietnam, India and other countries

at the same time, the low concentration of the plastic industry and the contradictory system of product homogenization, but the material temperature is too high and easy to decompose (the decomposition temperature is>270 ℃), which is about the healthy development of the plastic industry. At present, the overall performance of China's plastic products industry is low industrial concentration, scattered productivity, low degree of specialized production and low rate of deep processing. The low concentration of plastic enterprises is the main reason for the excessive number of similar plastic products in China, the overproduction of low-end products and fierce competition, which leads to the overall low profit operation of the industry

it is understood that extensive management is widely implemented in China's plastic industry, forming a situation in which factories fight for themselves, villages fight for themselves, and large-scale products, resulting in overheated investment in basic equipment by local enterprises and irrational growth in the production of low-value products. Insiders said that at present, the domestic plastic industry is still in a low-level development stage, and the quality and added value of products are generally not high, which only meets the general consumption demand of foreign countries. In addition, the technological development level of the domestic plastic industry is generally not high, and there is still a big gap with the foreign advanced level in scientific and technological innovation and technological research and development. Changing the development mode has become a key problem to be solved urgently in the plastic industry

in addition, the increasingly strict product quality standards restrict the export of plastic products. In June 2014, in order to achieve customer satisfaction in an all-round way, the EU conference passed the amendment of the packaging and Packaging Waste Directive, and China's plastic bags are exported to the EU more strictly. The amendment of the packaging and Packaging Waste Directive puts forward stricter regulations on the packaging and use of products. The amendment requires EU Member States to reduce the number of portable plastic bags by 50% by 2017 (the thickness is 10 microns ~ "the person from Huayuan recycling center said that the number of 49 microns of plastic bags) and 80% by 2019 based on the data in 2010

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