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Don't let the waste paper recycling rate mislead your market judgment...

waste paper recycling rate is an environmental protection concept for ordinary residents, but it is an important papermaking raw material for people in the paper industry. There is a general misunderstanding about the statistics of waste paper recovery rate in China due to the lack of scientific calculation method. This will greatly interfere with the industry to judge the availability of waste paper raw materials and future changes in cost prices. Today, big players in the paper printing and packaging industry share with you the latest market analysis and industry insights in the industry

in recent years, due to the development of China's manufacturing industry, logistics industry, especially e-commerce, the domestic demand for packaging paper has increased rapidly. In recent years, a large number of packaging paper production lines such as box board paper and corrugated paper have been put into production. By 2019, nearly 9million tons of projects will be launched. The fuel tank material of these products is stainless steel plate, which requires a large supply of waste paper raw materials. There are two main sources of waste paper, one is the recycling of domestic waste paper, and the other is the direct import of waste paper from abroad. However, from the perspective of environmental protection, the Chinese government has gradually restricted the import of foreign waste, including waste paper, and has substantially reduced the import of waste paper

on the one hand, the growth of production capacity has increased the demand for raw materials, on the other hand, the import of waste paper has been limited. As soon as these two ends are squeezed, the demand for domestic waste paper has increased significantly. Then a new problem comes. Is there room for domestic waste paper supply to tap and make up for this vacancy? To answer this question, we will return to the topic discussed today, that is, the recycling rate of waste paper. Moreover, once we go deep into the study of waste paper recycling rate, we will find that there are many deviations between the social cognition and the actual situation of waste paper recycling

if we search on almost all relevant websites, the data of China's waste paper recycling rate is no more than 50%, that is, more than half of the waste paper has not been recycled, which is a big gap with the foreign waste paper recycling rate of 70% and 80%. Of course, the reason behind this is that Chinese residents have not developed an environmental protection habit of actively classifying garbage, which should be like residents of Europe, America, Japan and other countries, Do active garbage classification, which will improve the recycling rate of waste paper. Of course, it is understandable to encourage and promote the active classification of recyclable waste from the perspective of environmental protection, but if we carefully observe our surrounding life, we will find that there is a logical problem in this. The purpose of residents' waste distribution is to unload the load and make the oil pressure of the working cylinder drop rapidly. Low level does not mean that the waste paper recovery rate must be low

calculation method of domestic mainstream waste paper recovery rate:

waste paper recovery rate = (domestic waste paper consumption)/(domestic paper consumption + cardboard consumption)

according to the papermaking data report published by China Paper Association in 2017, the consumption of domestic waste paper was not directly counted in the report, but the total consumption of waste paper was published as 63.02 million tons, and the volume of each part was 20.63 million tons of imported waste paper, 42.39 million tons of domestic waste paper 25.72 million tons of waste paper were imported

the conversion of waste paper into waste pulp is lossy. In the annual report and published data, the conversion rate between imported waste paper and imported waste pulp is 1:1.25. If you want to use this conversion rate to calculate, the consumption of domestic waste paper is 53 million tons. Since the pulp yield of domestic waste paper is generally lower than that of imported waste paper, the actual consumption of domestic waste should be higher. In 2017, the consumption of paper and paperboard was 108.97 million tons, which is 48% divided by the two. This is the calculation method of the recovery rate of domestic waste paper published on the

if some media do not understand the conversion relationship between waste paper and waste pulp, directly use 42.39 million tons of domestic waste pulp to remove the consumption of paper and paperboard, it is 38% of the waste paper recovery rate, and this data is obviously a problem

colleagues who understand the application scope of paper packaging know that% of paper packaging and need to set fire barriers according to the situation are used in the packaging of light industrial and electronic products, and China is a major exporter of these products. I also collected data on the export rate of some major products. The export rate of many products is very high

therefore, when calculating the recovery rate, we should exclude the raw material consumption of these paper products that cannot be recycled, so as to truly calculate the recovery rate of waste paper that is close to the real one, and truly evaluate the potential space of recyclable waste paper raw materials

the consumption of paper and paperboard published by the National Bureau of statistics is 108.97 million tons. We make a simple division and divide the products into five categories: paper, household paper, printing and writing paper, packaging paper and special paper

calculation process:

paper can basically be used for recycling

more than 90% of household paper cannot be recycled

the export of direct printed matter in printing and writing paper is 1million tons, and about 20% of the remaining printed matter will be used for product explanation, of which about 25% will be accompanied by product export, and about 5% of the products can not be recycled after export

the direct export of packaging paper is 3million tons, and 6% of the rest is 25% After using the pendulum impact testing machine for one year, the level should be adjusted, and the packaging will accompany the export of goods; 50% of special paper products cannot be recycled directly

after deducting this proportion, the total consumption of paper and paperboard that can be recycled is estimated to be about 76.5 million tons. Using this base to calculate the domestic waste paper recovery rate, it reached 70%

if this calculation is reasonable, first of all, it is worth considering whether the waste paper recovery rate of foreign countries, especially those countries that import a lot of Chinese products, is 70 or 80%. Of course, if the domestic waste paper recycling rate has been established at a relatively high level, I believe that you may have a better judgment on the changes in the market supply and demand of box board corrugated paper and the cost price, as well as the availability of raw materials

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