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Technological progress is the development direction of food packaging machinery (Part 2)

future development goal

at present, countries all over the world attach great importance to the development of packaging machinery, and high-tech products integrating machinery, electricity, gas, light, biology and magnetism continue to emerge. High efficiency production, high utilization of resources, energy-saving products, high-tech practicality, and commercialization of scientific research achievements have become the development trend of packaging machinery in the world

the load unit is installed on the moving beam driven by electromechanical drive or oil pressure. Talking about the future development direction, Secretary general he clearly pointed out: "Relying on simple repetition, expanding the production quantity, and extending to the upstream and downstream is not feasible. China's food packaging machinery manufacturing industry must follow the path of professional production. We should strive to refine and refine products, improve the technical content, and rely on technological progress to enhance the development of the industry. We should encourage the emergence of engineering companies, let professionals do the purchase and integration of equipment for enterprises, and change the current self-supporting equipment suppliers Mode of. Food packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises should strive to develop medium and high-end equipment. "

adjust the industrial structure and product structure

in the "Tenth Five Year Plan", China's food packaging machinery manufacturing industry will focus on the adjustment of industrial structure and product structure

in terms of industrial structure, the goal is to make the production concentration level reach 25% by 2005, 40% by 2010, and 60% for a few types; By 2005, 20 enterprises or enterprise groups with an output value of more than 200 million yuan will be formed, and no less than 50 enterprises with an output value of more than 100 million yuan will be formed; Actively develop and support a number of key backbone enterprises with famous brand products, promote their development in new technology application, product development and product quality, form industry leaders, and participate in international market competition; Key research institutes should focus on scientific research and new product development and research, and actively promote the paid transfer of scientific research achievements; Promote specialized production, form a number of assembly plants and specialized component factories, form specialized and serialized production of various components, change the situation of large and complete, small and complete, and improve product quality and adaptability to the market; Accelerate the establishment and improvement of modern enterprise system and promote the popularization and application of ISO9000 series standards

in terms of product structure adjustment, we should change the current situation of low technical content in the product structure, eliminate a number of low efficiency and high consumption products, and make high efficiency and low consumption products account for more than 60% of the total

in terms of technological structure adjustment, enterprises should be promoted to form their own development capabilities. Product varieties will grow from 3000 at present to more than 3800 in 2005, and more than 4500 in 2010, including high-tech product varieties, accounting for 20% - 30%; By 2005, the gap between 50% - 60% of products and similar products in developed countries will be narrowed to less than 10 years; We should support the construction of national testing centers, improve testing means, establish generic technology research centers, improve scientific research, and break through at least fiveorsix major key technologies every year

key types of equipment

in the "Tenth Five Year Plan" for the food and packaging machinery industry, relevant experts proposed that the pace of five major packaging machinery needs to be accelerated; Bag making filling sealing packaging machinery, corrugated board (box) production equipment, metal packaging container processing equipment, pulp molding processing equipment and vacuum packaging machinery

bag making filling sealing and packaging machinery:

at present, there are more than 100 domestic enterprises producing bag making filling sealing and packaging machinery, with an annual output of about 40 varieties. The models are mainly single row and three side bag sealing types. The filling equipment is generally divided into 2g-10g, 20g-50g, 50g-100, 100g-250g, 250g-500g, 500g-1000g, 1000g-2000g. About 75% of the equipment are small-size packaging models, which has better solved the packaging problems of granular materials, liquids, pastes and powders within this range. However, the automatic bag forming and packaging equipment for medium bag powder has not really passed the test in China, which is closely related to the lack of relevant basic technology research. Relevant experts pointed out that the development trend of bag making filling sealing and packaging machinery is modular structure, multi row, high speed, high stability, simple transmission machinery and adaptive closed-loop control

corrugated board (box) production equipment:

corrugated boxes have always occupied an important position in traditional packaging materials. The output value of carton industry in economically developed countries accounts for about 40% of the output value of the whole packaging industry

in the past decade, China's corrugated box machinery industry has developed rapidly. There are dozens of equipment manufacturers, including Hu beijingshan Light Industry Machinery Factory, capital machinery factory, Zhaoqing Jialong charter group, Liaoning Dandong Light Machinery Factory, etc. with a higher level, they have been able to produce corrugated cardboard processing equipment such as a B, C E, E B, and three, five, and seven layers. The product types have developed from corrugated cardboard line to printing slotting machine, cardboard gluing machine Corner cutting machine and other series. Computer technology has been applied to the production line. Due to the improvement of the special processing equipment and process level of the corrugating roll, its service life has been extended to the relatively simple tensile testing machine, which can also use 3-phase asynchronous motor, etc; At present, it is more than 10million meters. However, the gap between domestic equipment and foreign advanced equipment is still not small. Mainly in the production speed and width. In addition, there is also a big gap in the comprehensive indicators such as energy consumption of domestic medium and low speed, medium and light weight and corrugated board production lines. In the future, the development direction of low energy consumption is to develop wide range and high-speed complete sets of equipment to meet the needs of market development; Second, in the production of medium and light corrugated carton equipment, we should pay attention to the complete set, expand the application depth and breadth of computer technology, and focus on improving performance and reliability

metal packaging container processing equipment:

the production and manufacturing industry of metal packaging container processing machinery in China has begun to take shape, and can produce round can resistance welding can production line, special-shaped can body welding production line, easy to pull cap production line, steel barrel production line, bottle cap production line, etc. Aluminum can body manufacturing equipment is still blank in China, and only can cover production equipment can be manufactured in China. At present, the key equipment that can be produced in China, such as resistance welding machines, are medium and low-speed, and the overall level is roughly the level of foreign countries in the late 1970s. The development trend of such products is to improve the product performance, improve the yield and material utilization; The second is to accelerate the technological progress of products, such as the development of mercury free welding wheels and high-performance high-frequency welding power supplies

pulp mold processing equipment:

China's paper tableware processing equipment began to be developed in the mid-1990s. At present, the main problems are that the production scale is small, there is still a large gap from the economic scale production, and the price of processing equipment is high. In the future, the processing machinery of pulp mold tableware should be studied in the aspects of reducing the cost of forming heating mold, improving heating mode, reducing power consumption cost and increasing output

vacuum packaging machinery:

China can now produce various models of vacuum inflatable packaging machines. Production enterprises are all over the country, but a few of them take vacuum packaging machines as the leading products, some of which are customized or need additional specifications according to the needs of users, most of which are concurrently operated small and medium-sized enterprises, and many enterprises mainly produce by assembly. China has a relatively complete range of products, which can basically meet the needs of the market. The main varieties are single chamber, double chamber, conveyor belt type, intubation type, rotary vacuum chamber type, thermoforming, mixed gas inflation type, etc. semi-automatic operation is the main type, while fully automatic continuous type, large vacuum chamber and vacuum packaging machine suitable for liquid packaging are few. Lack of efficient and special vacuum packaging machine. (to be continued)

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