Keyu titanium smart lock is more than Tanabata. I

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[titanium smart lock] not only Tanabata, but also the most beautiful 20 years in the future. I want to go with you.

the Tanabata Festival in 2018 is coming.


represents romance,

however, the most romantic thing is to stay with you for a long time

let Keyu titanium smart lock become the patron saint of love,

from this Tanabata, "lock" your love,

protect your family,

accompany you all your life,

carry you forever

I hope you and I can feel our protection on this different Chinese Valentine's day,

"titanium smart lock, give you 20 years of protection",

bring your safety home and protect each other's world

make sure you hit it with one blow and lock her heart


texture, safety, intelligence, reliability, durability, high appearance


x8 series above figure (Guangzhou Evergrande royal mansion)


that's all for today

I hope you like ~

I hope you can feel the small details of ordinary life in this different Chinese Valentine's day,

pick up the good direction for the future,

make the people you love safer,

the way to go home is simpler





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