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When we were young, we often slipped into the kitchen to watch our mother cook; When we grow up, we pick up the spatula and learn to cook by ourselves. Rongshida tells you the story that women and kitchens have to tell, and sincerely recommends it to beautiful women

I remember when we were five years old, we liked to rush into the foggy kitchen and watch our mother busy cutting and cooking. With the effort of dividing three into five, a table of rich meals appeared on the table magically. At that time, I was convinced that the best dishes in the world came from my mother's kitchen

at the age of 13, we picked up the kitchen knife and spatula for the first time, accidentally put monosodium glutamate as salt, fried the thick shredded potatoes half cooked, and our parents still ate happily. The kitchen is like a horse that is difficult to tame, but it exudes irresistible charm

at the age of 22, when we entered the society, we cooked dinner for one person in a rental house living alone. That was the most carefree time of the day. Our cooking skills were improving day by day in one dish and one soup. We like to buy good kitchen appliances and good-looking tableware, just to make delicious food every day. If you live alone, you have to live very delicately

one day at the age of 26, I got up at dawn and touched me in the kitchen. I fried poached eggs in a pan, rolled cereal porridge in an electric rice cooker, and cut the fruit into the shape of a heart. Love is probably to make a big breakfast for TA, and then sit face to face and eat them up

at the age of 33, we finally became other people's wives and children's mothers, and began to know how to take care of their families' stomachs, better meet their taste buds, and enjoy the collision sound of pots and pans, as well as the fireworks of daily necessities. Women who love life are more likely to get happiness

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