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Geekpwn Carnival: Smart Life and secure connection

on July 16, 2014, the world's top geek team made a collective appearance at the 798 Ullens Contemporary Art Center. The world's first geek Carnival focusing on Smart Life and security and the geekpwn (great) launch conference were grandly held, hosted by the domestic top security team keen team and co organized by the xcon security focus summit

according to the press conference, the first geekpwn (excellent) will focus on the security issues in five smart life fields, including smart home, smart wear, smart transportation, smart entertainment and smart terminals. At present, the hot pioneer smart devices such as Google glass, Tesla car, smart watch and nest smart temperature control will attend as challenged smart devices to accept the challenge from the world's top geeks. At the same time, the conference set up an initial bonus pool of 3million yuan to encourage geeks to show their talents. The bonus pool will continue to increase with the participation of more manufacturers

this geekpwn (excellent) is themed with smart life and secure connection, and it is also the most authoritative and influential activity in the field of information security in China. The event was initiated and hosted by the key team, the only team to win the pwn2own top international information security event in China. It was co organized by xcon security focus summit, an information security conference with the longest history in China and the widest technical influence in the world. Industry giants such as Google, Microsoft, Tencent, Huawei, Lenovo, etc. supported it

geekpwn jury will be composed of Yu Min (TK), a senior expert in the domestic information security field and the head of Tencent Xuanwu security laboratory, as the chief jury. The rest of the jury will also include Wei Tao, keithpool, the first Chinese to publish research results at the international top security academic conference NDSS, Chris, the founder of Google Chrome security protection mechanism, and Chen Liang, the main attacker of keen team, the only one in Asia who has won the world's top security event pwn2own champion for three consecutive times, Xuhao windknown, the main force of Pangu, the first Chinese IOS jailbreak team, zhugejianwei, the leader of blue lotus team of Tsinghua University, who was the first and repeatedly shortlisted in the global Defcon CTF finals, xiaoxinguang seak, the founder of Antian laboratory, who won the first place in avtest, the most authoritative anti-virus test in the world, Ying Zhimin, the founder of wireless security research team, and so on. The Advisory Group also has a luxurious lineup: Wu Shi rock509, the only Chinese winner of the annual Platinum Award for global computer vulnerability mining for four consecutive times, panzhuting, Chief Strategic Officer of Qiming star, the largest professional information security company in China, Dr. Shen Yi, Professor of the school of state affairs of Fudan University, author of the American national security strategy, founder of the phantom brigade Wuhanqing, the author and founder of white hat talking about web security and Daoge's blackboard newspaper, Fang Xiaodun, the founder of dark cloud, the most influential vulnerability reporting platform in China, Qu Bo, the leader in the field of international computer vulnerability mining and the No. 1 in Microsoft's vulnerability contribution list in recent years, the leader in China's cloud computing and security industry, such as round steel, square steel and 6 angle steel Xinhua with a cross-sectional size of less than or equal to 40mm

for those who want to change the world, this activity has a luxurious lineup and is positioned as a safe geek Carnival dedicated to promoting the national geek spirit. Geekpwn (great) is committed to providing a big stage for geeks who love technology to show their talents, so that geeks who are crazy about new technology can fully display their ideas on new technology, new technology and new equipment on this platform, and keep the workbench and operation panel clean for intelligent life. It can also produce low-cost heat-resistant jackets for personal use. Regardless of gender, regardless of age, what we need is originality and novelty. Said Wang Qi, founder and CEO of Qizhen (Shanghai) Cloud Computing Technology Co., Ltd. and head of keen team security research team

Wang Qi said that the reason why the safety geek Carnival chose intelligent devices as its focus area is that 7. Large deformation indication error: within ± 1% of the indication value, it is an irresistible trend that intelligent devices are increasingly penetrating people's lives. Intelligent transportation, smart home and wearable devices not only infinitely extend people's senses and limbs, but also have huge potential safety hazards. Once they occur, they will even endanger lives. As a first-class safety white hat team, keen team has the obligation to arouse the attention of the society in this field

according to the rules, the most important feature of this geek carnival is that it only provides target objects but not limited to breakthrough methods, and tries to provide a stage for geeks to give full play. Although it is a geek carnival, it has strict requirements on the qualification of the contestants participating in the event. They must be domestic and foreign technical geeks who have passed the review of the competition jury in advance. It is understood that geekpwn will be officially held in Beijing on October 24. Wangyingjian, the founder of xcon, the co organizer of geekpwn, introduced that in the next three months, geekpwn (great) will set up free smart device experiment stations in major cities across the country, including PaloAlto in the United States, and provide Tesla, Google glasses, smart watches and other equipment free of charge, so that security geeks who do not have access to Tesla, Google glasses and other smart devices can go to the site to study or even disassemble them at will. Have fun, geeks

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