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GE Fanuc intelligent platform announced the new SiL2 safety function of PAC8000 safetynet

China industrial control information GE Fanuc intelligent platform announced the new SiL2 safety function of PAC8000 safetynet

editor's note: GE Fanuc intelligent platform announced the new SiL2 safety function of PAC8000 safetynet, which has been certified by TUV, The development and manufacture of electronic universal experimental machine, which is applicable to the same process controller and needs to process the safety and non safety data with a 28% reduction in catalyst revenue, is a relatively high real enterprise application so far

ge FANUC intelligent platform, as one of the business groups under Ge enterprise solutions, today announced that the PAC8000 safetynet of GE Fanuc intelligent platform has passed TUV certification, proving that it is suitable for applications that need to process safe and non safe data in the same controller. In addition, the PAC8000 safetynet can use 24V DC power supply, which expands the application range of safetynet system

"our customers are under increasing pressure to comply with safety regulations and protect themselves and their plant assets and public property," said Dave Reynolds, product marketing manager of GE Fanuc intelligent platform. "We have learned that some customers' small applications require both an emergency shutdown system and limited process control. The new PAC8000 safetynet enables these customers to process safety and process control data in the same controller in a SiL2 application environment."

the use of two controllers for safety and process control purposes increases the project cost. In order to solve the cost problem, GE Fanuc's safetynet is certified for safety and process control data applications. The safety engineer must evaluate the application and assess that the use of process control data in the safetynet controller will not affect any safety functions. PAC8000 safetynet provides a static analyzer tool to identify all situations in which non safety data is used in the safety controller and help the safety engineer complete the review

"functional safety systems are sometimes required in remote applications where standard 115/240 VAC power is not available," said DIL Wetherill, PAC8000 safetynet product manager. "In order to meet this demand, we have launched a 24VDC power supply for safetynet certified by TUV. The ratio of user load to its indentation area can easily use the system in remote shipboard and offshore applications without AC power supply. This power supply is specially used in class 1, zone 2 and zone 2 hazardous environments with a temperature range of -40 ~ +70 ℃. It includes two redundant 12V isolated outputs and is equipped with surge and instantaneous protection Protection. "

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