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CEO of General Electric: there is no sign of double dip recession in the global economy

general media reported on September 26 that Jeffrey Immelt, President and CEO of General Electric Company (GE), said on the 26th that he had seen no sign of weakness in the global economy, despite the slowdown in economic growth in developed economies, and he was still optimistic about the company's business prospects

Immelt made his remarks because Ge previously said that it would invest more than US $200million to build factories with multiple businesses and technologies in India to produce energy equipment, and planned to increase 6000 employees in the next two to three years to support the Indian business expansion plan. General Electric Company is optimistic about the Indian power industry and has formulated the second plan for sequential inspection of various power generation modes, including solar energy and natural gas. Immelt previously said that India's demand for wind, solar and natural gas power generation is growing rapidly, and Ge will make a difference. But he also said that India's backward infrastructure has brought challenges for its companies to enter the country's power generation industry

Immelt said on the 26th that it is clear that in the developed world of Europe, the United States and Japan, the economy is slowing down, but there are still appropriate economic activities here, and the economies of emerging countries are still strong. Immelt said that emerging markets are important for a) according to the type of output source, including electromechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electromagnetic, etc; Ge is as important as these markets are to Siemens, United Technologies, Rolls Royce or other industrial enterprises. However, he said that the United States is still a large market for companies such as general electric, despite the emergence of new markets and the company's commitment to creating jobs in the United States, India and other countries

John Flannery, President and CEO of Ge India business, said that GE power plans to recruit about 2000 people at its plant in Pune, a city in western India. This plant will cater to GE's business in India. All the single component polyurethane hydrogels used are industrial raw materials. Flannery said that the new plant will promote the localization of GE products in India. He said that the plan of employing 6000 people in India was analyzed through one point and three points, which will expand the scale of GE's labor force in India to 20000 people in the next two to three years

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