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Geely/Wal Mart "smart shelf"

two retail chains and a major consumer goods manufacturer are jointly testing the new "smart shelf" technology, which can help businesses track the inventory quantity in real time and help catch thieves

American Gillette, Wal Mart and British supermarket chain Tesco are planning to install this specially designed shelf, which can read the radio frequency wave emitted by the microchip embedded in the razor and related products

gillette spokesman Paul fox said that the smart shelf will scan the goods on the shelf. If the inventory drops to a low level or someone is detected to steal, it will alert the clerk through the computer

bill wertz, a spokesman for Wal Mart, the world's largest retailer, said that the company planned to test the Gillette shelf at the store in Brockton, Massachusetts

wertz said that Wal Mart also plans to cooperate with Procter gamble to test the smart shelf of cosmetics such as old lipstick, but has not yet determined the time and location of the test

this technology has been used in other fields before, for example, to track the location of livestock, but it is the first time that it has been widely adopted by retail giants. If the trial results prove that it can effectively reduce costs, this emerging technology that raises privacy concerns may be widely used

<5. open the iron door above the back of the dynamometer to check whether the line of the small hammer is wound in the groove of the coaxial pinion of the pointer p>wal Mart hopes to check whether this technology can improve efficiency and reduce costs, while maintaining that there is no risk of out of stock of goods on the shelf. "This can help us reduce the cost, which is what l-mart always pursues after wa mixes plastic and wood powder in a certain proportion," wertz said

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