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Gecko Technology: build the brand with quality and service

-- implement the development strategy of efficient and green plastic granulator. Mr. XURUI, vice president of gecko technology company/general manager of sales company, held the 18th China International Lubricating Oil and application technology exhibition in Beijing from September 21 to 23. The annual industry event brought together more than 200 excellent brand enterprises in the lubricating oil industry chain, showing their international model and professionalism. As the first portal of lubricant integrated into automobile and machinery genes, China Lubricant information () and lubricant market magazine, together with a strong media team, provide media services for the exhibition, and take the platform as the carrier to promote excellent lubricant brands among users in the industry and end market

this time, gecko technology, with its full range of products, appeared in the China International lubricant and application technology exhibition. As a new generation enterprise, how can gecko lubricant break through the encirclement and go out of its own brand? Let's listen to the wonderful interpretation of Mr. XURUI, vice president of gecko Technology Development Co., Ltd./general manager of sales company

Mr. XURUI, vice president of gecko technology company/general manager of sales company, and MS. zhuwenxuan, vice president of China Lubricant information, have a cordial group photo.

innovative technology strives for perfection

gecko brand covers more than 1000 varieties of automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants, marine lubricants, greases, antifreeze fluids, brake fluids and automotive maintenance supplies. It can provide professional, comprehensive The excellent lubrication curing impact testing machine must be firmly installed on the concrete foundation with good quality. Nowadays, long oil change cycle, cleanliness and helping users reduce costs and increase efficiency to a greater extent have become the general trend of global lubrication technology development. Gecko lubricants has a strict treatment scheme in providing users with more valuable lubrication experience. "At present, all markets have strict requirements for environmental protection products. In view of this situation, gecko technology has made breakthroughs in base oil and additives. In terms of the selection of base oil, imported or domestic big brand products such as PetroChina, Sinopec, Formosa Plastics, Chevron, etc. are used. Additives are strictly screened according to different varieties of gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, construction machinery oil, etc., with lubricity, cleanliness and dispersibility And other requirements. "

president Xu also revealed that gecko technology will make some achievements in the high-end product line, focusing on fully synthetic and semi synthetic oil products, actively respond to the national environmental protection policies, save energy, reduce emissions and protect the environment

demonstrate brand strength with quality and service

while strictly controlling quality, gecko adheres to the service concept of "customer first" and works with the strong to provide OEM services for XCMG group, Rizhao Port Group, Lianyungang Port Group, etc; President Xu said confidently: "Thanks to large-scale global procurement, gecko lubricants have an absolute competitive advantage in local OEM services. At present, China has a huge demand in the automotive oil and industrial oil market, and the overall economy is growing rapidly. We have maintained cooperation with many large factories. In addition to raw materials, gecko's biggest feature is to provide a full range of services, including the packaging materials of products, which are self-produced, whether lubricating oil products or lubricating grease products, Everything is available. "

at present, the selection of lubtop2017 annual general evaluation list of China's lubricating oil industry is in full swing. Gecko technology has become a candidate for the two awards of "top ten independent brands of China's lubricating oil" and "best smart factory in the industry" with its excellent industry performance and (6) the market reputation of cycle torque range/peak relative error and relative repeatability. According to Mr. Xu, gecko factory officially put into use in 2016 selects fully automatic equipment and control system, has Schneider automation program, DCS industrial automation system, ERP management system, and is equipped with eight fully automatic filling production lines, supplemented by advanced equipment such as precision filtration system, mettletoledo weighing system and several palletizing robots, so that the control precision of the whole production line is high and the production process is intelligent, modernization; It has outstanding performance in reducing losses and controlling production costs, which is conducive to the modern management of the enterprise and realizes the serious production of each barrel of oil with high standards and requirements

in June this year, gecko technology and CCTV advertising company held a grand signing ceremony in Beijing Sinopec Conference Center, which not only demonstrated gecko's strong brand strength, but also a wonderful bloom of brand image. Since the first day when the product came into the market, gecko lubricant has firmly pursued the concept of high quality and high standard to produce counting circuits that are very stable and reliable every drop of oil; Gecko products have received a good response in the market. Mr. Xu believes that while building high-quality products, the road of brand building must keep pace. In this era of highly homogeneous products, technology and brand are the best choices to stand out. Next, gecko will deepen brand building and achieve the goal of long-term development

taking advantage of the situation to set sail to help take off

talking about the current situation of China's lubricant market, president Xu is optimistic, "the situation that international brands occupy a large share is bound to change. China's economy is developing at a high speed, the number of domestic cars has reached an unprecedented level, and the demand for lubricant is increasing. We are confident to increase the market share of gecko brands." At present, there are a large number of lubricants in China, but there are not many really excellent brands, and they generally do not pay attention to independent technology research and development. For gecko, having a strong and professional R & D team is the key to ensure product quality and competitiveness; Only when the quality is good can consumers be assured of using it; Secondly, it will impress dealers, auto repair plants and end users with high-quality services. Gecko lubricant's "quality journey" activity has received strong support from end customers

those who do things often succeed and those who do things often arrive. President Xu has repeatedly stressed that gecko technology will become another bright pearl of the Oriental bridgehead of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge by building a brand through quality and service, realizing the "Centennial plan" of gecko branding, continuously improving technology and service levels, and constantly maintaining the progressiveness of the industry. We have reason to believe that gecko technology will become another bright pearl of the Oriental bridgehead of the new Eurasian Continental Bridge

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