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The Twelfth Five Year Plan of the gear industry: crack the import dependence of high-end parts

the Twelfth Five Year Plan of the gear industry: crack the import dependence of high-end parts

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Guide: reverse the dependence of high-end gear transmission devices and their parts on imports, which is an important task during the Twelfth Five Year Plan of the gear industry in China. When saying this, Lisheng, Secretary General of the gear professional association, has a firm attitude. We must solve the common problems in the industry and overcome the key problems

"it is an important task for China's gear industry during the 12th Five Year Plan period to reverse the dependence on imports of high-end gear transmission devices and their parts."

when he said this, lishengqi, Secretary General of the gear professional association, was firm. "We must solve common problems in the industry and overcome key problems."

at the gear professional annual meeting before the year-on-year growth of 2.7% in Japan, he explained in detail the outline of the industry's "12th Five Year" development plan to China industry daily

"during this period, we should cultivate the sustainable innovation ability of the industry, enhance the comprehensive international competitiveness of the industry, and lay the foundation for us to become a world gear power."

the industry situation is not optimistic

"by the end of 2010, that is, by the end of the 11th five year plan, the total demand of China's gear market will exceed 140billion yuan, more than double the 68.3 billion yuan in 2005. It can be called a real world gear manufacturing country." Lishengqi told me

in recent years, driven by the rapid development of automobile, wind power, high-speed rail and infrastructure, the gear industry has shown a trend of rapid development, and the backbone enterprises in the industry have initially possessed the ability to develop new products

however, it can not be avoided that the comprehensive technical level of product quality, product design, process development, manufacturing equipment and testing in China's gear industry is only equivalent to that of developed countries in the middle and late 1990s

on the one hand, the middle and low-end products have excess capacity and homogenized vicious competition; On the other hand, the capacity of high-end products is insufficient. The high-end gear transmission devices of automobiles, engineering machinery, high-speed rail, coal machinery and large agricultural machinery are heavily dependent on imports, and the import and export deficit is increasing year by year. "Compared with the foreign advanced level, our R & D cycle is 2 ~ 3 times that of the foreign similar products, but the service life is only 30% ~ 50% of that of the foreign similar products. The situation is quite serious." Li Shengqi said

"in the next five years, uncertainties restricting global economic development will increase." He analyzed. Affected by the resurgence of trade protectionism, the pressure of RMB appreciation, the increased risk of export exchange rate, the decline of consumption level in developed countries, the "Reindustrialization" policy and the enhanced competitiveness of manufacturing industries in surrounding developing countries, export competition will intensify. "While maintaining some cost advantages, the industry must rely on new advantages such as technological progress, quality improvement and product cost performance to expand exports."

during the "12th Five Year Plan" period, China's gear industry is facing the historical development opportunity of adjustment and revitalization, from big to strong. The domestic and foreign market competition is intensifying, and the domestic deep-seated contradictions will inevitably affect the industry's progress. "However, the basic force to promote technological progress and innovation in the industry is irreversible. The whole industry will achieve stable development at an average annual growth rate of about 10% in the process of transformation and upgrading." Lishengqi told me

therefore, the industry has established the development strategy of "catching up in learning and Surpassing in innovation". High pressure resin transfer molding (hp-rtm) is a solution for large-scale industrialized mass production. "We should open up learning, integrate global resources, and shorten the gap with developed countries; win-win cooperation, rely on independent innovation to surpass, and master the core technology of the industry. In may2017, China imported a total of 75 plastic extruders and transferred them to the high end of the industrial value chain."

focus on the five development goals

"first, we should break through and master the core technologies in the field of sustainable development and improve the front-end R & D capability and high-end manufacturing capability." For the five development goals of the industry, Li Shengqi explained them in detail one by one

this includes the industrialization of auto transmission of self owned brand, and the autonomy of 200km/h motor car and 5MW wind power gear transmission; The localization rate of major equipment parts and components reached 85%, and the localization rate of major equipment key parts and components reached 70%; The proportion of industry average R & D investment in sales revenue increased to 1.2%, and the proportion of new product output value in the total industrial output value increased to 35% due to the influence of price factors

second, we should optimize the industrial structure and enhance the overall competitive strength of the industry. Cultivate 3 ~ 5 multinational enterprise groups and world-famous brands dominated by domestic capital, with a high degree of internationalization and international competitiveness; Build five gear manufacturing bases with annual sales of more than 5billion yuan; Build two industrial clusters with annual sales of more than 20billion yuan; Form 20 specialized spare parts manufacturing enterprises with "specialized, refined and special" participation in international division of labor; On this basis, the industrial concentration will be increased by 10%

third, change the growth mode, improve product quality, and transfer to the high-end of the industrial value chain. "During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the utilization rate of raw materials will be increased by 5% ~ 10%, and the energy consumption per unit added value will be reduced by 15%. At the same time, the quality level of gear transmission devices for major equipment will meet the requirements of main engines, and the quality level of key enterprises in the industry should reach the international advanced level of similar products. In addition, the sales proportion of modern service industry will be increased by 15%." Li Shengqi said

fourth, the industrial scale and market share increased steadily. During the 12th Five Year Plan period, the average annual growth rate should reach about 10%; The domestic market share has increased to 85%; In 2015, the sales scale in the domestic market of the whole industry reached 220billion yuan, and the export volume reached 30billion yuan

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