The hottest waste paper base continues to rise, an

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Waste paper base paper continues to rise, and it is expected that the short-term benefits will continue

release date: Source: business agency

according to the data monitoring of business agency: last week (11..8), the purchase price of waste yellow paperboard Market showed a slight upward trend, and the range of increase of paper mills in various regions is relatively small, basically around 30/ton. On November 8, the average purchase price of waste yellow paperboard Market was 1978.57/ton, up 0.73% from the beginning of the week. The rising trend of corrugated base paper has continued since October. On November 8, the average ex factory price of corrugated base paper was 3290/ton, up 1.65% from the beginning of the week

according to the observation of market changes, the overall price of national waste yellow paperboard increased steadily this week, and the upward trend of price also gradually expanded from south to north. Due to the stable and rising demand for finished paper, the rise of national waste price has played a strong support. On November 5, the import list of the 14th batch of waste paper was published, and the amount of foreign waste was relatively reduced. Coupled with the increase of market activities near the end of the year, the demand for finished paper increased significantly, and the orders of paper mills also increased. Therefore, the demand for waste paper and the willingness to store goods increased significantly, so the purchase price of national waste yellow paperboard was slightly increased

in terms of corrugated base paper, the price has been rising steadily since October. In the past week only in November, the market price increase letter has been flying all over the world, and this wave of price increase is about/ton. The regional scope of this wave of price rise is relatively wide. Large paper mills take the lead in rising, driving countless small paper mills to follow up. Therefore, the wave of price rise follows one wave after another. In addition, the Spring Festival in 2020 is coming early, so shopping malls and e-commerce activities are relatively close, the demand for finished paper has increased significantly, and the relationship between supply and demand has improved. The fourth quarter is still the traditional peak sales season for box corrugated paper, which drives prices to rise continuously

the paper analyst of business society believes that the price of waste paper and corrugated base paper will still be in a relatively favorable environment due to the impact of market demand. The new indicators of environmental protection and energy conservation in shopping malls and e-commerce festivals have raised the threshold of the paper industry. At the same time, the stock production of paper mills is in a positive state. Coupled with the increase in orders in the peak season and tight supply, it is expected that the prices of waste paper and base paper may still be rising in the short term, and the overall positive trend continues

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