The hottest waste paper consumption in China saves

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According to a research report released from the United States on July 13, China's booming waste paper recycling industry will help reduce the damage to global forests and provide a strong market for waste paper, but its resistance to humidity. These waste papers mainly come from the United States and Europe, which are high-power density, heat-resistant and high-strength aluminum alloy materials for military and marine equipment

however, the report released by forest trends, a Washington based environmental protection organization, also warns that although the recycling of waste paper saves wood, China's demand for wood still stimulates the destruction of primitive forests in Asia and Africa

The report shows that about 60% of the paper fibers used to make paper and cartons come from waste paper. Over the past 10 years, China's waste paper imports have increased more than five times, from 3.1 million tons in 1996 to 19.6 million tons in 2006

Brian Stafford, the main author of the report, said: China is the world's largest consumer of waste paper, which is a good thing. In the past four years alone, 65million tons of waste paper have been shipped to China instead of being directly treated as garbage for the next step, which is buried in the United States, Japan and Europe. Last year alone, China's practice of using waste paper instead of trees to make paper was reported to have saved 54million tons of wood

but Stafford said that China's high-quality paper is still sourced from virgin forests, and about 40% of the wood and wood pulp come from countries that lack effective forest management. Forest trend suggests that Chinese paper enterprises should establish a chain of supervision system to track the source of wood through the supply chain, so as to ensure that these wood are obtained from legal channels

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