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Waste heat utilization builds a green dream

related links: on September 22, 2009, President Hu Jintao delivered an important speech entitled "jointly addressing the challenge of climate change" at the United Nations climate change summit, and solemnly promised to strive to reduce carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP by 40% - 45% by 2020 compared with 2005. The proposal of this goal has made clear the direction for China's future energy conservation and emission reduction work

during the 12th Five Year Plan period, the state also put forward clear goals for energy conservation and emission reduction. In terms of energy conservation, it is proposed that by 2015, the energy consumption of the national GDP will be reduced to 0.869 tons of standard coal, 16% lower than the 1.034 tons of standard coal in 2010, and 670 million tons of standard coal will be saved. In terms of emission reduction, it is proposed that in 2015, the national total chemical oxygen demand and sulfur dioxide emissions will be controlled at 23.476 million tons and 20.864 million tons respectively, 8% lower than 25.517 million tons and 22.678 million tons in 2010; The total emissions of ammonia nitrogen and nitrogen oxides in China were controlled at 2.38 million tons and 20.462 million tons respectively, a decrease of 10% from 2.644 million tons and 22.736 million tons in 2010

in the face of a series of national energy-saving and emission reduction policies, enterprises have taken action to invest in the wave of energy-saving and emission reduction. Starting from its own research, Shuangliang group has long been associated with energy-saving and emission reduction for 30 years. All the similar instruments we see at present are manual clamping samples. Pneumatic clamping can quickly tap customer needs, implement green environmental protection strategies, provide energy-saving and environmental protection products for the society, and open up an innovative way of green economy, It has the strength of the "leader" of domestic energy conservation and emission reduction, and has made outstanding contributions to the steady progress of national energy conservation and emission reduction

in view of the fact that China will still be in the rapid development stage of heavy chemical industry and urbanization on the whole by 2020, China has strictly restrained itself with a high quantitative emission reduction target, which has also contributed to and accelerated the pace of China's economic restructuring

"green environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction" is becoming a global consensus. What does this portend? It indicates a huge market space and business opportunities, and more and more enterprises take active action to take green development as the strategic focus of enterprise development. According to the prediction of relevant experts, during the "12th Five Year Plan" period and the next 10 years, China's energy conservation and environmental protection industry will maintain an annual growth rate of 15% to 20%, which will be the golden period for the development of China's green industry and green economy. Shuangliang Group actively responds to the call of the state, seizes the opportunity of a new round of low-carbon economic reform, implements the leader strategy, develops green industries, vigorously promotes the utilization of waste heat, and offers advice for the national environmental protection cause

leading the development of the industry

there is a saying in the refrigeration industry that it was Shuangliang's lithium bromide technology that saved China's refrigeration industry 20 years ago. Now, Shuangliang's lithium bromide absorption refrigeration and heating technology will make greater contributions to the application and promotion of waste heat utilization and energy conservation...

Shuangliang has entered the central air conditioning industry since 1982, after three years of scientific and technological research, In 1985, the first steam lithium bromide unit was produced, which solved the problem of power shortage faced by the country at that time; In 1992, Shuangliang formulated the first national standard for the bromine refrigerator industry. The large-scale use of Shuangliang bromine refrigerator in textile, pharmaceutical, coking and other industrial fields has established Shuangliang's leading position in the industry; In 1994, Shuangliang took precautions and began to devote himself to the research and development of products and technologies in the field of waste heat utilization and energy conservation, made a large number of relevant technical reserves, played an important role in the energy conservation and emission reduction work of the eleventh five year plan, and made an important contribution to the problems of excessive waste heat and high energy consumption in China's industrial sector. In 2008, based on Shuangliang's special contribution to energy conservation and environmental protection, it was rated as the "most influential enterprise in energy conservation and emission reduction scientific and technological innovation". In 2009, Shuangliang energy conservation set up a business department on the basis of waste heat utilization for many years, and began to engage in energy-saving system services. It implemented energy-saving transformation for the user's process system, from the traditional only to ensure the effect of equipment to ensure the energy-saving effect of process system, which put forward more requirements and higher challenges for the work of Shuangliang energy conservation

Chen Yuan, general manager of waste heat utilization division, said that since the 1980s, Shuangliang bromine refrigerator has been driven by various fuels. Now, with the continuous rise of energy prices, the operating costs have also increased; With the gradual warming of the global climate, people's voice for environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger, which opens a broad market prospect for the application of lithium bromide technology driven by waste heat. Shuangliang energy conservation timely seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to catch up with the world trend of "energy conservation and emission reduction" and China's energy conservation and emission reduction needs. In the field of waste heat utilization of bromine refrigerator technology, Shuangliang energy conservation is in an absolutely leading position in technology, with the most types of waste heat utilization, the largest range of waste heat utilization, the lowest refrigeration temperature, the highest heating temperature and the highest energy efficiency ratio, filling a large number of technical gaps in the industry. In terms of market application, it is the first to enter and take the lead in various suitable industrial fields. At present, bromine refrigerator waste heat utilization is applied in the most industrial fields, and the market share has been very high. With the continuous increase of users' demand for energy conservation and the continuous improvement of quantitative standards for energy conservation requirements, our previous working mode can not fully meet users' requirements for energy conservation, In the future, we will start from meeting the energy-saving needs of users, implement the energy-saving of the whole system, and then realize real energy conservation, ensure that the materials used can be recycled, and truly achieve the double harvest of economic and social benefits for users. Now this work has been initially started, although it has to bear certain risks, because the industrial production system is very complex and the operation changes greatly. When we enter the main process with waste heat utilization auxiliary equipment, it is required that no link should be wrong, and the normal operation of the main process system must not be affected. However, we firmly believe that under the correct guidance of the board of directors, relying on the world-leading technology of Shuangliang energy conservation in the field of waste heat utilization of bromine refrigerators, the cooperation of all departments of Shuangliang energy conservation and the support of all employees of the sales company with super ability, through our continuous learning and efforts, we will achieve the goal of truly meeting the energy-saving needs of users and improve our own ability at the same time, We should make our due contribution to the construction of a healthy Shuangliang

superior technical support

science plus practice, Shuangliang has 30 years of manufacturing technology, 40 years of research and development authority, 65 patented technologies, 116 utility model patents, and more than 30 years of user experience. Entering Shuangliang energy saving company, there is a national enterprise technology center, which has long been responsible for the research and development of new energy-saving technologies for enterprises; There is also a postdoctoral research workstation, which is mainly dedicated to the basic theoretical research of energy-saving products. In the future development, Shuangliang will continue to rely on advanced scientific and technological research and development forces, strict quality management, world-leading technology, excellent quality and continuous development of new products, strive to achieve the realm of "no one has me, no one has me excellent, no one is excellent", grasp the initiative of market competition and keep Shuangliang products youthful and energetic

"with Shuangliang waste heat energy-saving equipment, all waste heat is no longer wasted." This is the slogan of the company's energy-saving system promotion. After more than 10 years of economic exploration, Shuangliang waste heat recovery and energy saving system has been successfully applied to nine industries including petrochemical, chemical, textile, iron and steel, thermoelectricity, biochemistry, food, metallurgy, polysilicon, industrial kiln and other 21 fields to help users realize the energy recycling process of "resources products renewable resources", integrate cleaner production and comprehensive utilization of waste, and truly achieve low consumption, low pollution A good development model of ecological economy, efficient economy and resource-saving economy with high utilization and high circulation

through years of practice, the energy conservation company has cultivated a number of elite and strong generals, all of whom are technical backbones in waste heat utilization. First of all, we will take helping customers solve problems as the starting point, and take the initiative to understand the use of users' original processes. If what is cooled? What are the conditions for temperature? What are the conditions for changing parameters? We should also investigate the grade, quantity, composition and pressure of waste heat to meet the needs of cold and heat, determine whether it meets the requirements of all aspects, and then provide preliminary technical solutions, followed by exchanges and technical explanations, to help customers achieve the expected results and achieve the functions required by customers

it is worth mentioning that energy-saving companies should also aim at the new situation of automobile development in polyurethane enterprises. Professional technical support personnel are stationed all over the country, which can not be seen in other manufacturers. Where energy-saving technical services are needed, their presence will appear. They have a comprehensive understanding of the production process of various industries, so that they can communicate with customers at any time; For them, on-site communication, data extraction and process understanding are just the basis of their work; Scheme making and technical exchange are their necessary working skills; Technical Q & A and drafting agreements are their basic abilities... Lumenghan, who is stationed in Shanxi Province, said that they feel that they are receiving "examinations" every day when they conduct technical exchanges with customers, and they should be prepared for "thesis defense" every day. Their comprehensive ability is very important to them, which is related to Party A's recognition of them, and often determines the success or failure of the project, so they never dare to slack off and can only continue to learn, Be ready to "fight"

Since the industrial revolution, industrial production has gradually become the most powerful driving force for the advancement of human society. While producing a large number of rich products for mankind, industrial development has also brought various unexpected problems to mankind. Such as population pressure, resource shortage, environmental degradation, ecological crisis and so on have become common problems that people face. For a long time, air pollution, water pollution, land desertification, the greenhouse effect, the destruction of the ozone layer, marine and forest ecological crisis, species frequency crisis and other ecological environment crises have caused many malignant events. Therefore, the development of circular economy, the implementation of waste heat utilization, the rational use of resources, and the realization of low-carbon environmental protection are effective ways for mankind to seek sustainable development

Shuangliang has always been concerned about people's livelihood. They have transformed a large number of abandoned traditional industrial economic systems into an economic system of rational use and continuous recycling of materials. In the process of obtaining the same amount of materials and the same amount of utility, minimize the resources required from nature, and help users realize the zeroing of waste discharged to the ecological environment. Shuangliang has taken a lot of practical actions to coordinate and unify ecological, economic and social benefits in the spirit of saving energy and environmental protection, benefiting the people and fulfilling the social responsibility of developing a circular economy

for example, Shanxi Guoyang Xinneng No. 3 power plant, which uses Shuangliang equipment, is also the world's first large-scale 6 x 30MW absorption heat pump power plant waste heat recovery system. Without adding boilers and heating units, it uses the existing heating air extraction, recovers the waste heat of circulating water, and increases the heat supply by 72mw. The annual increase in heat supply is 938000 GJ, equivalent to saving 415500 tons of steam, increasing the heating area by 1.44 million square meters, and the annual economic benefit of heating is 34.56 million yuan, 448800 tons of water is saved every year, and the economic benefit of water saving is 1.795 million yuan, saving standard coal

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