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Waste glass bottles should be recycled to avoid environmental pollution

what would you do with a leftover glass garbage bottle? Some people will classify it as kitchen garbage, others will keep it to sell waste, but these disposal methods are not correct. Today, the "non recyclable garbage bins" jointly launched by Hangzhou langdun Technology Co., Ltd., Hangzhou lvlian renewable resources Co., Ltd. and Bank of Hangzhou was officially put into Hangzhou daoxiangyuan community, aiming to recycle garbage bottles and other non recyclable garbage

big man, great wisdom

in the south area of daoxiangyuan community, I found this "non recyclable garbage intelligent recycling bin", which has two electronic screens, with drop holes in the front and back. The front hole can be used to throw waste batteries and small waste electronic products, and the rear hole is used to throw garbage bottles. As long as residents insert Hangzhou bank card into the device and select the type of garbage, they can get a bar code, stick it on the garbage and put it into the bin, and the cardholder can get points

"we hope that through this equipment, we can guide residents to develop a correct treatment method for non recyclable garbage." Wu Bingxin, general manager of Hangzhou langdun Technology Co., Ltd., said that each one costs 20000 yuan, which is the second similar device put into the street community of Xiacheng District, and the third device will also be put into use in the near future

it was said that dumping garbage can also enjoy shopping discounts. Aunt Wang, a resident, hurried home and found several rice wine bottles and beer bottles. After putting them into operation, the wear-resistant wiping experimental machine adopted microcomputer control, LCD dynamic display, and the principle of motor 1 integration, and indeed obtained 28 points, which made her very happy. In the past, her garbage bottles were put in the kitchen garbage bag and thrown into the garbage can downstairs

Aunt Wang's treatment method is actually a common practice of most residents when dealing with garbage cans and other non recyclable garbage. As the only state-owned enterprise dealing with non recyclable waste in Hangzhou, the general manager of Hangzhou lvlian renewable resources Co., Ltd. has been observing the recycling status of garbage bottles in recent years

he listed a set of data: the weight of a garbage bottle is about 500 grams. According to the number of glass bottles owned by each household of permanent residents in Hangzhou and used by hotel merchants, the weight of garbage bottles produced in Hangzhou in a year is about 250000 tons. At present, the recycling rate of garbage bottles in Hangzhou is 20%, so nearly 200000 tons of garbage bottles are directly crushed by waste treatment plants and thrown into landfills, causing solid pollution, Some garbage cans containing special ingredients will also cause secondary pollution to the soil and atmosphere

the glass bottle is small and there are few recycling points

"physically speaking, even after crushing, the garbage bottle is still too large and cannot be naturally degraded." A professor from Zhejiang University said, "today's glass bottles are divided into white glass and tea glass. White glass can be broken and melted and then made into decorations and handicrafts. Colored glass bottles are tea glass with metal components, which can no longer be used in other products."

since garbage cans can still be reused, why is no one recycling in large quantities

Xingxing said that at present, the selling price of white glass crushing materials is about 350 yuan per ton, while that of tea glass crushing materials is only about 150 yuan per ton. The direct processing cost of the former is as high as 250 yuan per ton, and the latter is also hovering around this price. "After calculating, the company will lose about 70 yuan when handling a ton of glass bottles."

although there are individuals and some small businesses recycling garbage bottles, their recycling is still a drop in the bucket for a total of 250000 tons. Moreover, the purchase price of waste products often fluctuates. As long as individuals have no money to earn, or the money they earn is not enough to support the development of enterprises, recycling garbage bottles naturally becomes a flower in the mirror, which is also the main reason why garbage bottles are not recycled in the community at present

Xingxing has visited many cities at home and abroad to investigate the recycling status of garbage cans. In his view, major cities across the country are at the same level with stable and reliable water performance, and the recycling rate of garbage bottles is basically 20%. "There are 96% in Switzerland and more than 90% in Sweden. In a small village in Stockholm, I saw residents sort out garbage cans and drive them 20 kilometers away to a professional disposal site."

environmental protection landfill, sanitary classification

"compared with the garbage classification work that has been carried out in foreign countries for more than ten years, the garbage classification work in China is still in its infancy." Professor chenyunmin from the Geotechnical Engineering Institute of Zhejiang University said, "nearly 50% of domestic waste is kitchen waste, with organic matter and water content as high as 60%, while nearly 50% of foreign classified waste is paper, which belongs to dry waste."

the difference between the two is that foreign countries can use waste incineration technology for their dry waste, while domestic countries can only choose waste landfill technology. Chen Yunmin believes that the root cause of this phenomenon lies in the different eating habits and cultural backgrounds among ethnic groups. "The food sold in Europe and the United States is already clean. Unlike domestic food, you still need to remove bones and skins by yourself."

"at present, the per capita daily garbage output is about 1 kg. Based on the province's permanent population of 54 million, 54 million kg of garbage will be sent to the landfill every day." Chen Yunmin said. Since 1995, he and his wrong interface may cause damage to the equipment; Our research team is studying major landfills around the world, and finally put forward the "environmental soil mechanics mechanism of municipal solid waste landfills and key technologies and applications of disaster prevention and control". He and his team designed horizontal and vertical drainage wells to work at the same time, forming a new structure of vertical and horizontal drainage pipes in the garbage dump, which greatly improves the drainage of the landfill

now, the technology of Chen Yunmin and his team has been applied to Hangzhou Tianziling No. 2 landfill. According to the new design concept, these new landfills will be able to be used for another 20 years. They also developed a double casing pumping shaft, with the inner pipe pumping water and the outer pipe applying negative pressure to extract landfill gas, so as to accelerate the drainage of leachate. Chenyunmin said that 14 technologies and methods were finally compiled into the industry standard "technical code for geotechnical engineering of domestic waste sanitary landfills", and this achievement was also used in the construction, expansion and substandard treatment projects of 112 landfills in 23 provinces and municipalities directly under the central government

technological progress has made it possible to realize non-toxic and harmless treatment of non recyclable waste, but more importantly, it is the cultivation of residents' own awareness of environmental protection, sanitation and garbage classification norms. Zhonghua glass () Department

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