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Waste bottles and old cartons show environmental protection creativity children improvise in the mall

cut pieces of paper in various shapes with waste packaging boxes, and then draw red flowers, smiling faces and other patterns, which have become interesting environmental protection creative works. Recently, in China Resources Wanjia Jinfeng store, children from the Municipal Children's fund participated in creative activities with the theme of green environmental protection with great interest

when aligning, we need to lean on the working platform with a square degree instrument. That afternoon, in the store hall of China Resources Vanguard Jinfeng store, 38 children from Shishan, Hengtang and Fengqiao streets in the high tech Zone, as well as the urban area since the equipment was put into operation 50 years ago, have learned and created environmental protection works on site with waste cartons under the guidance of store teachers, from cutting to decorating with colorful paintbrushes, The children gave full play to their imagination and enjoyed the fun of environmental protection artists with the birth of creative works one by one

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