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Yilian video conference cloud management service platform

a few years ago, we imagined the way of video conference in the future: face-to-face communication and collaboration can be achieved through video conference as long as it is connected to the Internet, no matter at any time, at any place, or on any device. However, up to now, video conferencing has not been able to achieve real connectivity anytime, anywhere

a few years ago, we hoped that video conferences could be interconnected anytime and anywhere

the following are real cases:

case 1: employees of an Internet company need to hold video conferences with customers on business trips. However, due to the lack of deployment of penetration servers, the customers' mobile video soft terminals cannot smoothly access video conferences, Finally, the project opportunity was missed

case 2: a catering company deployed mobile video soft terminals to more than 30 of its stores to coordinate store resources and improve customer service. However, due to the lack of penetration of the server, video conferencing cannot be established between stores, which ultimately affects the customer experience

case 3: a construction company, through the deployment of mobile video conferencing soft terminals at the construction site, communicates the on-site situation to the headquarters in real time. However, due to the lack of penetration server, the headquarters could not receive information and give guidance in time, which ultimately affected the project progress

in these cases, because the enterprise failed to deploy the penetration server, the video conference could not be interconnected anytime and anywhere, resulting in a series of irreparable consequences

however, usually, the price of penetration server is as high as about 30000 yuan (or even higher). At the same time, because the network configuration problem is very complex, enterprises also need to arrange special IT personnel for maintenance, which virtually increases the deployment cost of enterprise video conferencing

so, is there any way to realize the interconnection between different sizes, stable venues and different devices without penetrating the server

Yilian launched a video conference cloud management service platform, so that enterprises can realize the interconnection of audio and video of each branch venue and each terminal without penetrating the server and regardless of whether the network environment is complex. This means that all sub venues can dial each other at will, and it is reported that PC clients and terminals can also join video conferences anytime and anywhere, truly enabling collaboration anytime and anywhere

Yilian cloud service full container compression testing machine detects the legal server to achieve firewall penetration and establish a point-to-point connection at the terminal

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