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Yimei lighting: downlights from "Sydney" interpret health lighting with quality

when LED lights quickly occupy the space lighting field with excellent energy conservation and endurance ability, a variety of lamps and lanterns also appear in the market, especially downlights, which have become one of the most widely used lamps and lanterns. However, there are many LED lamp brands in the market, with uneven quality and vague understanding of product quality. In the era of talking about "healthy lighting" and "green development", more and more consumers begin to look for a high-quality and healthy downlight. In view of this, Tencent home brings you the evaluation of Yimei lighting Sydney led downlight. It is reported that Yimei has been focusing on health lighting, which has been mainly exported before, and officially opened to the Chinese consumer market at the beginning of this year

Yimei's total oil refining capacity will reach 130 million tons/year lighting industrial park

[evaluation time]: August 21, 2019

[evaluation place]: Jiangsu Yimei Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

[evaluation products]: Yimei Sydney series · led embedded downlight

[whole body list]

excellent artistic appearance selection

the outer box is packed with kraft paper, which is simple and simple, Printed with the product drawing and some basic information of Yimei Sydney downlight, the product wrapped by transparent dust bags can be reduced after disassembling the larger feed speed and drill diameter. The downlight in this evaluation is a basic model with a power of 8W. The diameter of the face ring is about 11.3cm, which is consistent with the official information. The net weight is about 116g. When you play with it, you can obviously feel the heaviness of this downlight, which is both solid and not rough

in addition to the basic information, it is the design highlight of this downlight. The design inspiration of its lamp shell comes from the shape of Sydney Opera House, which is developed by Yimei's R & D engineers in cooperation with Australian designers

the integrated design not only strengthens the artistry of the appearance, but also Mr. Chen is very optimistic and gives full consideration to safety and heat dissipation. Although this part is finally hidden in the roof, even the invisible part can be excellent, which shows the excellence of Yimei lighting on products. It is reported that since the birth of Sydney downlight in 2013, there have been many similar designs on the market

of course, the final invisible place also includes internal parts. We disassembled the internal structure of the Sydney downlight and got the following important components: the external lamp shell and homogenizer, the internal LED chip, driver and aluminum bowl

each part is still exquisite. Diffuse reflection homogenizer plays the role of soft light; High quality LED chips and led beads from domestic first-class listed companies also ensure the life and luminous efficiency of downlights (after previous professional light distribution tests, the downlight with 5W power can be equivalent to the traditional halogen lamp with 35W power, and the downlight with 8W power can be equivalent to the traditional halogen lamp with 50W power, and the luminous efficiency is increased to 85 ~90lm/w. It is reported that the design life of the driver is up to 30000 hours, and it can theoretically take ten years with the daily use frequency of 8 hours/day.)

it is worth mentioning that the lamp shell is made of heat-conducting plastic, with aluminum bowls nested inside. The structure of plastic outside and aluminum inside plays a role in efficient heat dissipation, effectively extending the service life of the whole lamp, and the lamp body is wrapped in plastic outside, which also plays a role in insulation and anti electric shock. With its artistic appearance and excellent structural design, this product has been widely praised abroad since its inception, with an annual export volume of more than 200W. It has already become a star product abroad. After entering the domestic market, it will set off a new wave of rush buying boom

in the face of the increasingly mature lighting industry in China, can Yimei successfully layout? Maybe we should find the answer from the function experience of the product

[functional experience]

health eye care better understand lighting

the main role of a lighting product should still focus on lighting functions. We collected some points of concern to consumers, evaluated from several important indicators such as strobe, display, glare, blue light, and analyzed the actual performance of Sydney downlight

about stroboscopic: no visual stroboscopic

most consumers have heard of stroboscopic, and its harm has been mentioned in the early years. Living in a stroboscopic light source for a long time will not only cause many visual problems, but also directly damage the optic nerve. As a downlight product focusing on health lighting, we have conducted professional tests on Sydney downlights in the laboratory. The test report shows that the stroboscopic ripple current is less than 5%, which belongs to the qualified level

about finger display: high color rendering index

finger display is the color rendering index. The higher the color rendering value is, the closer it is to natural light, which can better restore the real color of the object. If the color rendering value is low, the color quality of the visual space is poor, which will affect the mood over time, or cause visual fatigue or even myopia. Therefore, a lamp with high color rendering index is also very important to the health of human eyes. It is reported that the color rendering index is 100, and the industry average is 80. This time, the test of Yimei Sydney downlight in the laboratory has reached the level of ≥ 90, which is really good

it is reported that the reason why Yimei lighting can ensure such a high color rendering index is closely related to the selection of high-quality LED beads. Yimei lighting said that not only Sydney downlights, but all lamps will control the color rendering from the source to ensure that the color rendering index of each lamp is ≥ 90

about glare: the light is soft and anti glare

glare is simply understood as the dazzling degree of the light. Most of the light reflection and light pollution are due to the existence of glare. The industry believes that glare is also one of the important reasons for visual fatigue. If the light is too dazzling, it may cause disgust, discomfort and even visual impairment. Yimei lighting realizes the effect of anti glare by optimizing the structural design. In addition, there is a certain operating space; Check whether the power supply voltage connected to the experimental machine is normal. The Sydney downlight reprocesses the glare through reflective paper and grading sheet, reaching a soft and non dazzling level

about blue light: healthy light source anti blue light

children's desk lamps often sell without blue light, because blue light is easy to cause irreversible visual damage and cause various visual problems. In the use of downlights in the pan space, the harm of blue light should also be paid attention to

Yimei lighting insists on checking from the source, and selects high-quality blue light proof led beads. After quality inspection and rating, this downlight meets rg0, is a healthy light source, and will not cause damage to the visual film

[evaluation summary]

quality is synchronized with health, there are surprises and expectations

price: ★★★★

appearance: ★★★ ★

function: ★★ ★

performance: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

comprehensive: ★ ★ ★ ★

after a series of tests, the actual performance of Sydney downlight is really good, and on the premise that led lights are generally energy-saving, Sydney downlight can also ensure the healthy quality of lighting and exquisite appearance design, which is relatively rare. Not only that, all products of Yimei need to be 100% aged for two hours before shipment (during the aging process, each lamp must accept six high and low voltage shocks in the normal pressure area, roaming area, low voltage area, high voltage area, impact area and medium voltage area, so as to ensure that there are no defective products in the lamp beads and power supply); In addition, Yimei lighting has launched the research and development of new series, ERP special tests will also be added (for the electrical/light source stability and performance tests of lamps, such as color rendering index, color tolerance, startup time, switching impact, 6000 hour lamp damage rate and lumen maintenance rate, etc. it is worth mentioning that the test standard requires the damage rate and lumen maintenance rate to be lower than 10% and higher than 80% respectively. However, the test results of Yimei lamps show that the 6000 hour damage rate is as low as 0.1%, and the 6000 hour lumen maintenance rate is as high as 90%). These are the quality tests that other lighting enterprises rarely have

in terms of space scene matching, Sydney downlight has two light colors of warm white light and positive white light for consumers to choose, which is more personalized and customized. For example, warm white light is warm and soft, and it is most suitable to be installed in bedrooms and living rooms; The positive white light is fresh and bright. In the storage room, study, studio or corner space, it can play a greater role in lighting

as Yimei lighting, which has focused on health lighting for 15 years, since its establishment in 2004, it has positioned its products as medium and high-end, and has won good popularity and reputation in overseas markets. Similarly, Sydney series downlights are positioned at the middle and high end, which is an ideal choice for consumers who pursue a healthy home environment and a quality life. It is undeniable that although Yimei lighting's products and technology have long been mature, it is still a "newcomer" in the domestic market. Export to the domestic market, in the face of fierce market competition, more comprehensive channel integration, better supplier relations, lower price competition and more advanced product planning, Yimei lighting still needs to find its own rhythm, and there is still a long way to go in the future


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