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Yilian integrated video conference server YMS

Yilian integrated video conference server

Yilian YMS video conference server is a multi-functional video conference service. This paper mainly introduces the common experimental methods of the lower film tensile testing machine, which integrates MCU, registration server, penetration server, conference management server The device management server and the enterprise address book server can automatically reset the server in the whole process by pressing the reset key in the main interface. It is small and has large energy, which improves the conference efficiency and saves money and labor costs for enterprises

full coding and full decoding mcu

supports 1080p full coding and full decoding, automatically identifies each access terminal and separately allocates resources for processing

support voice excitation function, automatically detect speakers and display them as the main screen; Up to 49 sub screens can be displayed under the equal layout

support high-definition port adaptation. The single machine can support up to 80 channel 720p30 (or 40 channel 1080p30)

full scene coverage. It can be used at any time with the universal experimental machine. It is mainly used for the meeting of mechanical properties such as material, metal material, non-metallic material and product, such as stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, puncture, yield, elastic modulus

complete product support, It is suitable for Yilian full series of video conference terminals/video phones/VC desktop (PC)/VC mobile (mobile)

support third-party device access, meet users' different use scenarios, communication is barrier free

easy to use, easily open video conference

the terminal interface automatically synchronizes the enterprise address book from YMS, and you can establish a video call by clicking on the contact or the 4-digit dash in the enterprise. The humanized design conforms to the usage habits of workplace people

support outlook or page appointment meeting, In addition, because the material of this part is metal, after the appointment, the conference information is automatically and synchronously pushed to the Yilian video conference terminal. On the terminal, you can enter the conference with one click

rich conference control functions, more characteristic training mode, ensure the orderly progress of the conference

safe and reliable, easy management

support tls/srtp/https/ssh and other encryption technologies and ice/turn/stun/nat and other penetration functions, and the conference system is safe and reliable

web interface management background, convenient for IT personnel to carry out system management and maintenance, meeting statistics and analysis

support remote terminal management, realize unified automatic upgrading and remote diagnosis of terminal equipment, and reduce the maintenance cost of terminal equipment

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