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Yili "smart Dairy" opens the world's milk brain hole with internet thinking

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core tip: when the country vigorously promotes the integration of "Internet +" and traditional industries, the future trend and "Internet +" path of China's dairy industry are of great concern. On July 26, Yili Group, a leading dairy enterprise in China, formally put forward the strategic concept of "smart Dairy" at the 2015 Zhenghe Island Longjiang forum

[China Packaging News] as the country vigorously promotes the integration of Internet + and traditional industries, the future trend and Internet + path of China's dairy industry have attracted much attention. On July 26, Yili Group, a leading dairy enterprise in China, formally put forward the strategic concept of smart dairy at the 2015 Zhenghe Island Longjiang forum. This is the first forward-looking systematic thinking on Internet + dairy industry in the world. On behalf of Yili, Zhang Jianqiu, executive president of Yili Group, delivered a keynote speech entitled "the Internet age of dairy industry: mission, strategy and path", water absorption: determination standard isodpl707, which elaborated on Yili's strategic deployment and practice path for Internet + and provided new thinking and experience for the global dairy industry to effectively use Internet + to promote industrial transformation and upgrading

on July 4, the State Council officially issued the "guiding opinions on actively promoting Internet + action", which can test all test data of products more stably and accurately, and promote the integration of Internet + and different industries from the height of national strategy. At the same time, the public's demand for health is continuously escalating. This has created an opportunity for dairy enterprises to explore new growth points. Pan Gang, chairman of Yili Group, said: from a global perspective, the upgrading trend of food consumption characterized by participation, personality and transparency is becoming increasingly obvious. At the same time, interconnection is becoming a strategic choice to create new growth points for different industries. This is both an opportunity and a challenge. Therefore, it is very important to use Internet + to organically combine human health needs with the consumption trend of dairy products, realize the informatization and intellectualization of dairy industry, and create a new development form of smart dairy industry. This is directly related to who will win the dominance of the new round of industrial competition

as one of the first batch of domestic pilot enterprises for Internet and industrial integration innovation determined by the Ministry of industry and information technology, Yili regards Internet + as a major strategic deployment to enhance international competitiveness and seize the commanding heights of the industry. In Yili's view, the so-called smart dairy industry must be based on the diversified health needs of human beings, vigorously promote the intelligence and informatization of dairy industry, connect the Internet to the whole industrial chain of breeding, R & D, production, circulation, consumption and services, and use Internet tools to capture, mine, analyze and insight core data, so as to provide practical and personalized solutions for human health. At present, Yili has implemented Internet + in all business fields, such as pasture breeding, quality management, innovation and research, marketing, industrial tourism, and continues to promote the birth of new business forms

taking the field of quality management as an example, if purchasing Yili infant formula milk powder, consumers can scan the product traceability code and other ways, in addition to clearly understanding the production date, batch, ingredients and other information of the product, they can also view the integrity evaluation, purchase suggestions and other information of the product. These are all due to the fact that Yili took the lead in using Internet tools in the industry to establish a modern product traceability program that has been adjusted when leaving the factory, realizing the quality monitoring and management of the whole industrial chain. Through the digital ear tag on each cow's ear, the GPS tracking of the raw milk purchase vehicle, the random bar code after the raw milk enters the factory, the product batch information tracking table in the production process, the electronic information recording system in key links, the comprehensive integration system of quality management information, and the ERP network system covering the whole country, Yili has achieved the quality traceability and control of every link of the whole industrial chain, ensuring food safety

facing the change of consumption habits caused by mobile Internet, Yili has launched a series of touch actions from the perspective of facilitating consumers' use and optimizing consumption experience. On July 2, Yili launched the national first taste of Expo good milk in tmall mall. In just eight hours, it sold nearly 24000 bags of Peilan pure milk, setting a new record for the marketing of imported liquid milk. The key reason for this performance is that Yili has strengthened its cooperation with tmall and other Internet channels. Through the analysis of Internet tools, it has accurately insight into the needs and habits of consumers. In addition to the in-depth cooperation with tmall and other large e-commerce companies, Yili also carried out strategic cooperation with Tencent, Baidu and other Internet giants in the fields of big data and health industry, the in-depth use of core marketing resources and other fields to enhance weight, and discussed the cooperation in the field of o2o

in addition, Yili also actively integrates Internet + and innovation. Based on the global innovation network covering Asia, Europe, the Americas and Oceania, Yili encourages the public to participate in the innovation process of Yili by building an Internet platform, and puts forward their R & D suggestions, so as to truly form a situation of innovation and better serve consumers by using global wisdom. At present, Chinese newborn mothers in Yili mother infant ecosystem have a channel to participate in Yili innovation. They can directly communicate their experience and ideas about products with Yili R & D personnel or third-party cooperative innovators through Internet. These will serve as an important data analysis basis for the research and development of Yili's new generation products

2015 Zhenghe Island Longjiang forum takes the Internet + the counter attack road of Longjiang entrepreneurs in the era as the theme. With the help of the good atmosphere of vigorously promoting the Internet + strategy in Heilongjiang, it invites industry leaders with successful practical experience and forward-looking development ideas in the Internet + field to jointly exchange and explore the integration of Internet and traditional industries in combination with the industrial transformation and upgrading of Heilongjiang

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