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Yili kangmeibao production base was officially completed and put into operation

on July 28, the Jinchuan new industrial park of Yili Group, which has only been in operation for one year and has invested 350million yuan, was officially completed and put into operation. The industrial park is by far the largest kangmeibao production base in the world. Yili has also strengthened the capacity of Tetra Pak production lines here and established four Tetra Pak high-speed production lines, with a capacity four times that of ordinary production lines

the new industrial park kicked off the era of Pan Gang

after general manager Pan took office, he rationally analyzed that the lack of Yili was the lack of capacity investment, and resolutely decided to invest 1.28 billion yuan in production and construction this year, and the investment in the future will be increased

according to Pangang, chairman of Yili, the total investment of the new park is more than 350million yuan, and a total of 18 production lines are designed and installed, including 14 Swiss kangmeibao production lines and 4 Swedish Tetra Pak production lines, which mainly produce Yili pure milk and milk beverage series products, with a daily processing capacity of 1500 tons of fresh milk. After the full operation at the end of the year, the daily processing volume of fresh milk will exceed 1500 tons, becoming the largest liquid milk production workshop in Asia, accounting for 23% of the total liquid milk of the group in the future

liuchunhai, executive director of Yili, said in an exclusive interview that Yili has entered the yogurt field since 2001, and now the output is only about 4 tons, which is far from meeting the market demand. Among them, the supply of large fruit yogurt is in short supply, so Yili plans to invest another 200-300 million in the production and construction of yogurt this year. At present, yogurt projects have been launched in East China and Hohhot

Kangmei and Tetra Pak become Yili's right-hand men

the new industrial park is completed. It is noted that 14 of the 18 production lines are Swiss Kangmei bag production lines, and 4 are Tetra Pak. Together with the original Tetra Pak production lines, the two packaging giants have become Yili's right-hand men to storm the market this year. At the same time, we found that the competition between Kangmei and Tetra Pak in China has begun to appear from Yili

as for why kangmeibao was selected, executive director liuchunhai said: "this is a transformation of ideas, with two main methods. It is also the most widely used method to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, that is, to install large deformation at both ends of the collet to avoid the sample from slipping. It is to try more packaging. Kangmeibao and Tetra Pak are both important partners since Yili non service Jinan trial fund held a symposium." As for the difference between Kangmei bag and Tetra Pak, Liu Chunhai said that both are international packaging giants, and there is no difference in quality. In the early years, Yili had talked about cooperation with kangmeibao, but the price was too high at that time. Later, kangmeibao changed its boss and changed its business thinking, so it gave Yili more cost advantages, and the natural cooperation was successful

source: Huaxia times

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