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On October 24, the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation between Yilian and Sony (China) was held in Beijing. Yilian has reached a strategic cooperation with Sony (China) this time, which will give full play to the technical and product advantages in their respective fields, create a differentiated and competitive cloud + end + display end-to-end conference solution, jointly expand the government enterprise video collaboration market, and lead the industry towards high-definition vision

in the field of enterprise communication, security, stability and audio and video effects are the lifeline that affects the user experience. As the leader in the general rise of prices in the field of enterprise communications, including cathode materials, cathode materials, lithium battery copper foil, etc., Yilian continues to make efforts to provide cloud + end solutions, and pursues high-definition audio and video terminals that provide extreme effects for users around the world, as well as a stable, smooth and safe cloud communication experience

in this strategic cooperation, Yilian will provide a remote video communication scheme with full scene coverage and cloud integration; Sony (China) will provide professional display products with excellent performance and industry-leading display technology

through the joint optimization of picture presentation, the in-depth integration of audio and video capabilities, and the comprehensive cooperation of product series, the two sides have formed an end-to-end conference scheme of cloud + end + display, realizing the comprehensive optimization from video acquisition to picture restoration, ensuring customers to obtain high-quality audio-visual experience in remote collaboration to the greatest extent, and jointly creating a highly easy-to-use, immersive visual remote communication and collaboration scheme, Further improve the product ability to serve the high-end market

in addition, the two sides will also give play to their respective brands and market advantages, jointly expand the market space for enterprise collaboration and industrial applications, and create greater value for customers

Yilian signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sony (China)

Liu Li, President of Yilian Video Conference business department, said: Yilian has long been committed to providing global users with high-quality cloud + end enterprise communication solutions, and jointly realize the vision of intelligent communication with partners with an ecological and open attitude. Driven by the trend of cloud, intelligence and collaboration, users have higher and more urgent requirements for the quality of video communication. We look forward to the in-depth cooperation with Sony, which can provide users around the world with more high-definition and stable Jinan experimental machine factory services, and should be endowed with more cultural connotation and video communication experience

Sony has advanced technology, mature products and rich experience in the field of display imaging. Hand in hand, we hope that the advantages of both sides can be superimposed to create a clearer, smarter and smoother conference ecosystem. At the same time, we look forward to exploring more customized services with our partners, further improving the multiple potential uses of Sony Bravia Pro display, helping users better capture and reproduce, and providing customers with higher added value, said Toshiyuki Okada, director of Sony (China) innovation business development headquarters

Mr. Okada, director of Sony (China) innovation business development department, made a speech

this time, we will work together with Sony to lead the enterprise communication track, improve the quality of remote collaboration with the strong advantages of cloud + end + display products, and set off another round of conference room upgrading wave that will be acceptable to the host to the maximum extent

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Xiamen Yilian Technology Co., Ltd. (Stock Code: 300628) is a global listed enterprise communication company, which provides cloud + side video conferencing with international quality, leading technology and friendly experience, such as pressure testing machine, which can only measure metal and non-metal materials, IP voice communication and collaboration solutions, and has reached long-term and in-depth strategic cooperation with international brands such as Microsoft. With R & D as the core, Yilian adheres to independent innovation, owns the world's leading patents for core technologies such as cloud computing, audio and video, and image processing, and is committed to making communication simpler and more efficient, helping all kinds of enterprises and institutions improve efficiency and competitiveness. Its own brand, yealink, sells well in more than 140 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain and Australia. Its SIP phone market share ranks first in the world (Frost Sullivan data) and user satisfaction ranks first in the world (Eastern Management Group survey data)

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